My Long and Happy Life Scrapbook


Do you remember when you started dreaming? Well, in my case it was right from the moment I was born!

When my curious little eyes opened to the light of this world.. that was the day I started weaving my dreams. While I am pretty sure I dreamed of chocolate factories, Candy castles and Pan cake houses when I was a kid( no kidding), as I grew up, my dreams grew with me. Here's a little going back into time of #MyLongHappyLife...
Dreaming is very dear to me. I like to see dreams... visualise them.. chase them.. and make then come true!!

No matter what life throws at me, I succeed in fighting it and moving on because... I dream. My dreams are my power. They are what keeps me going.

Before we go ahead, check out this lovely video to get a sneak peak on how an adorable couple plans their beautiful tomorrow:
If I start penning the things I can't wait to own in life, the list will give competition to Eiffel tower! *winks* So, let me stick to the top things out of that list which I really really really want to own in life!

I am so glad I am already achieving some very important parts of my wishlist! :D I LOVE my phone and my laptop and simply can't imagine life without them! #GadgetFreakAlert
Next on my wishlist is the latest version of Ferrari. Yes, I have loved racing cars since the days I used to play video games like NFS2 (Need For Speed 2) and thanks to having a fast cars freak brother, I am one myself too! Ferrari has been on my wishlist for yearsss now and no matter which  car its competitors are launching these days, my eyes are always on the red beast!

Everybody has a dream home in their wishlist. For me, the home where I was born and brought up is very special and no home can beat the memories and affection connected to it but I would always want to buy a luxurious villa for myself. Somewhere by the soft waves of the sea.. by the gleaming view of a perfect sunset.. by the soft feel of moist sand.. a place which is the perfect example of the word 'beauty' - that's where I want my dream home to be! Where I can sit by the soft waves under the warm bask of the sun, writing poetry or humming a song.
Next, I want to open an institute, to educate young minds. To nurture them and shape their minds into true humans. A school where children don't just muck up books and write exams but the one where their souls are taught to live life to its fullest and the true essence of living.

What's more? I don't want to stop... ever. Business is in my blood and I would like to take up that field and make it big. And buy big I mean BIG BIG BIG!!

Than I have this dream of being on the list of the top bloggers of this world.. the dream of getting my shayaris published into writing and... the dream of becoming a successful bridal fashion designer.. so much more! :D

Life is a wonderful journey and wishes grow every second! While I don't what destiny has in store for me but all I can say is whatever it has is AWESOME, WONDERFUL and CHALLENGING.. and oh! How much love challenges as I believe ke Kal khoobsurat hai! ;)

Every journey starts with a single step and so did mine. My first step was dreaming. The next was chasing those dreams and starting saving to fulfil them.

How am I saving to fulfill my dreams?:

1. My Piggy Bank:

2. My Savings Bank Account

There are so many pages of my long and happy life's scrapbook left untouched. They are waiting for the right time.. for example, the one which demands a picture of my Prince Charming :P Well, let's just say that the hunt is on! ;)
This super cute scrapbook by Exide Life Insurance is something everyone should fill their dear life moments with! Love it.

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