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I have never been a fan of cosmetics with heavy chemicals. I am 20 and I try my best to keep my skin free of cosmetics. I am more of a natural product lover who loves organic products.

If you are following this blog for a while now, you will know that a few months ago my Sister got married. You know how it is with these Indian weddings. There are a dozen functions and hundreds of guests swarming inside your house at anytime of the day. This was the period when I used cosmetics made up of chemicals the most. All the wedding madness had tired my skin and I often gave it quick fixes of cosmetics.

My skin is super sensitive and even a small thing gone wrong can trigger an allergic reaction. So you know what happened! Until a few weeks back, my skin was suffering from Milia.(little tiny bumps)

Getting rid of those milia was a REAL task! I changed my whole skin care routine and went all natural. I followed several natural skin care tips and thanks to my dedication of winning my beautiful skin back, those remedies worked and the Milia finally kicked themselves out. *Thanks God a million times*

Today, I thought why not share with you the three natural skin care tips which have worked for me! So here I am.. :)

1. Honey Face mask:
There are so many face mask options available in the market today from different brands but none can beat this home made, inexpensive yet 100% effective honey face mask! Honey has anti-oxidant qualities in it which helps purify and protect your skin. Just take 2tbsp of raw, pure honey, rub it in your palms before applying and spread over entire face. Leave for 15v minutes and rinse with warm water. Follow this twice a week.

2. Rest. Rest. Rest:
This generation has forgotten the benefits and importance of good sleep. We often find ourselves hooked to our laptops late in the night (guilty as charged). Irregular sleeping hours affect your body and upset your skin. Good rest boosts the skin cells and makes your skin look young and radiant. It also helps you free off the everyday stress.

3. Use mineral makeup. Avoid extensive chemicals:
Your skin is going to refuse harsh chemicals one or the other day and grow allergic to it. Skin allergies weaken skin and are not a good sign at all. So, it's important to keep your skin happy right from the beginning. The best thing to do is use mineral makeup which is organic and instead of harming skin, nourishes and protects it.

I am a lover of organic products and brands which offer natural cosmetics are what I look out for. VICCo is one such brand I love. Their VICCO Turmeric Cream is a cream every girl will instantly fall in love with! Check out this video for more:

Do you follow any natural skin care routine too? Do share! :)

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  1. I too love mineral makeup. Lovely post Seno :)

  2. I too love mineral makeup. Lovely post Seno :)

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