PicPal ~ My new Selfie Buddy!


It's the 21st century and the selfie fever has caught the globe with a bang! The majority of selfie obsessed folks is simply growing.

All my friends are big selfie addicts and I am one myself. We all love them so much that it's become part of our lives. Every new day and every new moment demands a selfie which we click eagerly.

Today we have a sea of apps to choose from to help us click interesting selfies. While I have tried them all and was not that impressed, guess what I came across a few months back!! A real time effective selfie collage app called Picpal which not only allows me to click selfies but also to share them with my friends and create collages using my friend's selfies too! This app has no doubt has taken the whole selfie obsession to a  whole new standard.

I used Facebook to login to Picpal so I was automatically connected to all my friends who also use Picpal. It's quite fun clicking selfies at the same time as your friend and creating a collage! :D

It's one real unique app which helps you click chic selfies and share them with your friends. You can also share your selfies on Instagram.

One thing I noticed is no matter which smartphone you use, this app ensures that the selfies come out really well. My sisters have this app too so I got to experience it on different phones. The picture quality was quite good even on a 2MP front Cam smartphone! Proves that no matter which phone you use, this app ensures that you click amazing selfies which you can flaunt to your friends.

I am one of the luckiest girls' ever born because both my sisters who are married live a few steps away from me. I didn't have to experience the pain of living away from a loving sister at all. Thanks to fate, they live a minute's walk from my flat. So you know how much fun we sisters have all the time! :D 

A few days back, on my elder sister's wedding anniversary, we had a real fun time, thanks to the PicPal app! :D We three were chatting by clicking different selfies conveying different emotions and moods and sharing them with each other. For example when my Sister sent me a snap saying 'No cake for you!' , I shared a pouting selfie with her conveying 'Why? Is bacchi ne kya kiya! :O' and my second sister shared her selfie with the anniversary cake conveying 'Hey! Cheer up! We are just kidding!'   It was quite fun doing a Snapchatting kind of a thing that too real time and the final collage was a picture to preserve! :)

I am simply loving this app, so are my sisters and I totally recommend it to all you lovely folks! :D Go get downloading asap and let's have a fun live Selfie collage together! ;) 
My PicPal User ID is ~ Sparkle.Bushra  
Would love to add my wonderful readers as my PicPal friends! :D

Long live Selfies!

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  1. Interesting post, Bushra! I am not quite fond of selfies, but this app has got my curiosity piqued, so would definitely give it a go-through. :)

    1. You should try it out Ragini! I am sure you'll love it! :)

  2. Downloaded the app reading manjulika's post ...loving it so far


  3. I know a lot of guys who are selfie maniacs too, never could understand why though, but all in all, loved your post.. .Happy Selfieing :D

  4. I have used and reviewed the app as well and I'm too so much in love with Picpal like you dear. Super app and superbly explained by you! Cheers! :)


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