Top 5 fun places to visit in Singapore!


Singapore is one of the world's biggest tourist attractions and when it comes to choosing the top five places to visit in this beauty of a place, it's not an easy task!

Singapore is famed to be one of the cleanest cities of the world and one the best destinations to spend your vacation. It has just the right sights and amenities which attract tourists from all around the world.

If you are going on a vacation to Singapore, it's important that you first plan and choose what places you want to visit as the choice is endless. All parts of Singapore is significantly beautiful and irresistible so it'll be a tough job for you to decide what all places you want to visit in your span of vacation.

If shopping is your thing then we suggest you to come here with your wallets bulging with money. Singapore is the biggest center for entrepot trade which means that merchandise from all around the world is available for tourists to buy there. We don't want to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity now do we?!

Here are top five fun places you shouldn't miss while on a vacation to Singapore:

1. The Singapore Flyer:
Who doesn't love giant wheels? We all do. Especially if it's as gigantic and breath-taking as the Singapore Flyer! Singapore Flyer is  famed to be one of the world's largest observation wheel which will give you the best giant wheel experience you have ever had( It's around 30 meters taller than the all famous London eye). Built over a three-story terminal building, the outstanding masterpiece of construction, the Flyer is 160 meters high, 150 meters in diameter and travels at around 0.21m per second. It's not easy to choose the best time to take a ride as the views are magnificent and radically different both in the day and night!

It offers its riders a clear and breath-taking view of sights like the Marina Bay, the Singapore river, the Padang, Raffles place and the Empress place. It has 28 bus-size capsules, each of which are air-conditioned and can carry 25 to 28 passengers for every round. One whole rotation of this gigantic wheel takes about half an hour! This one's surely one thing to look forward to while visiting Singapore.

2. Marina Bay stands Sky Park:
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark has always topped the list of the most popular attractions in Singapore since it was first inaugurated. The park offers its inhabitants a taste of the luxurious high life with a clear view of Singapore from above. It's a large wooden decked place above the Marina Bay Sands Hotel situated at the edge of the city's harbor which provides 360- degree panorama. There's hardly anything separating you from the view except for a sheet of glass and a few wires. With it's endless beauty and wonderful atop views of the major tourist attractions of Singapore, it's one place which not be missed from the list!

3. The Merlion:
Almost everyone has seen the famous symbol of the city, the Merlion in pictures. The Merlion is simply more than just a statue. It's said to be the mythical symbol of Singapore, it is used as the mascot of the city and it's the most sought out Photo op too. It's one place in Singapore which has the most breathtaking views and a statue which attracts more than a million tourists every year.

4. Singapore Night Safari:
I love animals and the thought of seeing different species from all around the world interests me a lot. If you are an animal lover or simply a curious person like me too, the Night Safari is one place which will bring you immense pleasure. It is not only a unique and interesting place which is worth paying a visit but also a leading animal rescue and research center all over Asia. It's the first nocturnal zoo of the world. The tram ride here will take you around 40 hectares of the forest which is divided into 7 geographical zones of the world. You can catch a glimpse of unique animals like the Gazella, interesting creatures like one-horned rhinos, the all famous Himalayan griffon vultures, the Gaur and the giant ant-eater from all over the world in their natural habitat.

5. Chinatown Singapore: 
The Chinese culture is very diverse, unique and interesting. My Dad keeps going there on regular business trips and every time, he has a new story to tell! Who would not like to get a closer look at their interesting culture? That too when you don't have to take the pain to travel there! The Chinatown in Singapore is a miniature of a China which gives you a nice glimpse of the entire Chinese culture. Apart from quaint architecture along the irresistible Keok Siak local street and intriguing Chinese architectural and structural sightings, the Chinatown has some of the finest restaurants buzzing with all flavors of Chinese food to offer. An afternoon stroll down this little miniature of a Chinese world, while you are in Singapore is a must!

Have you traveled to Singapore? What's your story? Do share! :)

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  1. Glad you're having a great time in Singapore!

  2. I haven't been to Singapore but it is very much on my list of places to've got some beautiful pictures with great descriptions.
    Wish i could get to visit these sometime soon.

  3. love them all... did all 5 on my first visit itself... ;) your post reminded me of my first visit :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog with us! I have learned some new things about Singapore. My next travel is going to be rock!


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