Five Summer Beauty Secrets for Healthy Tan Free Skin


It's that time of the year where Summer has slowly started to bid us all adieu. Though the fact that it was a hell lot of fun partying on the beaches, hanging out with friends in the open, carrying cool shades everywhere, etc can't be ignored, I must say that my skin wasn't much happy with this season until this year.

Last year, I remember how much my skin had to suffer. Summer is that season where my skin is exposed to the Sun the most. What with regular outings with friends and holidays with family, my skin was left with so much tan that when I got back to college after the holidays, my own classmates had a hard time recognising me. Everyone had that hey-whats-up-with-your-skin kind of look on their faces.

This year, I was quite worried in the early days of summer. Normally I don't worry much as I don't have to attend college anymore but this summer came up with something more important and demanding ~ my Sister's wedding!
Thanks to my best friend, who turned up on our college reunion all glowing and detanned, I was introduced to these amazing Summer beauty secrets!

She is a beauty blogger and a wonderful friend. We had hanged out just the previous day before our college reunion and that time her skin was all tanned(it was summer). I was beyond shocked to see that she had got rid of her sun tan in just a matter of a day.

I was betting hard that she had visited a very expensive salon and undergone a skin treatment but she surprised me more by revealing that she had just used the Spinz Sun Tan remover cream and had got rid of all the tan just within 5 minutes!! :O
I didn't pay heed to her words until I tried it out myself and.. Voila!! turns out every bit of what she told me was true!

I am so happy to have such a wonderful friend! All the wedding functions turned out to be amazing with drool worthy and tan-free photographs! ;)

Let me share with you all the things I tried which resulted in giving me beautiful photographic tan-free skin for the wedding!

My Summer Beauty Secrets:

1. Honey and sugar scrub: Honey is famed to be one of the best anti-bacterial product which heals skin in the most natural way. Make a homemade honey-sugar scrub and wash your face with it twice every day!

2. Drinking loads of water: Consume loads of water. This is one of the best treat you can give to your skin in summers! Consume fruit juices and citric fruits. Keep your self hydrated.

3. Shades!!: You might not know this but the most sensitive parts of your face are your eyes. They need the most care. Hence, a pair of shades will always come handy to beat the sun!

4. Lemon and Aloe vera Face Pack: Lemon is that citrus fruit which has the richest medical and cosmetical benefits. It's a natural bleaching agent which will work for any skin type without giving any side effects whereas Aloe Vera will soothe and act as an anticeptic. Comebine them both and voila! You have a wonderful face pack to beat the heat with! :)

5. Spinz Sun Tan remover cream:
This has worked for and a lot of my friends there. Infact it's the best thing to choose out of all the above if you want a quick and effective fix! :D The BEST part is this cream does not contain bleach. So, you don't have to worry about any irritations or such. It's a very unique formula which De-tans your skin and also maintains its moisture.

How To Use:
 Check out this amazing video to learn more about this amazing sun tan removing cream by Spinz!

 What are your Summer beauty secrets? Do share! :)
Stay Tan free and gorgeous always,

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