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I am a die hard foodie and food is more than just food for me! Lately, I have been indulging into delicacies so much that the horror has finally struck me.

Just a few days back when I was hurriedly getting dressed up for a wedding, I realised that one of my favorite dresses doesn't fit me anymore. There was not much time left so I strained my skin and got myself into that dress. The Biggest mistake I say!

The whole wedding was a hallelujah of a disaster as I was more concentrated on pushing and pulling my dress than any other thing in the world! It was so freaking uncomfortable that I ended up calling it a day even before having the wedding dinner and much to the screams of my little stomach, had to leave the premises to change.

When I came back home, apart from leaving the wedding dinner, the thing that upset me more was the fact that I had gained weight. To add to my misery, the dress that I changed into didn't fit me too! :/

One thing is for sure.. gaining weight is quite easy, especially for a foodie like me but losing it is one hell of a task!!

Now, what with the reception of the same wedding which was after a week, I wanted to give things a twist and work on fitting inside all my pretty dresses!

That's when I started my crash diet!

Crash diets could be real blessings or pure waste of time too! It depends entirely on what you choose to eat in your diet and how much are you willing to get rid of that extra fat

If you have read this and this post of mine, you will know that I am a BIG fan of pure honey! It's something I would suggest people to beat any kind of disease or improve any part of their body!

These days, it's quite hard to get pure honey if you buy it unpacked, it will surely be a mixed one. Dabur Honey is one brand I trust when it comes to pure honey! I have been using their honey for a long time now.

Guess what! They have launched a new Honey diet. I was more then overwhelmed to learn this especially at this time when I needed it the most! :D

It's a fab diet which includes honey and it sure is helping achieve my slimming goal! Check out the Dabur Honey Diet page - they have got amazing diet calculators!

Thanks to the Honey diet, I have lost a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time without having to miss out on essential nutrients! I totally recommend the honey diet to all you folks!
Dabur Honey cover

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