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Cricket ~ It's as important and a serious task as is bread and butter for an Indian! We all have grown up into cricket-stricken families and our love for cricket was born young.

I remember fifteen or so years back, During the world cup there was this India-Pakistan match which had got everyone's hearts beating fast and had brought everyone to the edge of biting their nails. It was the age of cricketers like Inzamam Ul Haq and Saurav Ganguly. I was just a little girl back then and all the fuss surrounding this match had got me thinking.

Every Weekend my favourite show, Shaktiman and Shakalaka Boom Boom was aired on DD1 but On this particular Sunday I learnt that I would have to miss my favourite soaps because a cricket match was scheduled for that particular Sunday. You can imagine my disappointment but my! Was I wrong!

It so happened that I was forced to watch the match as my family wouldn't change the channel from cricket and while watching it.. I got into its rhythm and realised what I had been missing all the while. What's more! By the end of that match I was myself biting and pulling on my nails with excitement and had screamed like a hooligan when India finally won! That day.. Is when a new, die hard cricket fan was born ~ me!

From that day I have made sure never to miss interesting matches, especially India-Pakistan ones! ;) No matter where I am, I make sure to stay updated with the score and keep watching the match at regular intervals. But this has been a mighty demanding job I must say!

For instance, my Sister's wedding was on the last IPL season that just passed. Being a cricket fan, I faced a lot of difficulties coping up with both cricket, all the work, and the wedding ceremonies.

My biggest nightmare was the day before the wedding when my friend reminded me that tomorrow(on my sister's wedding day) was the India-Pakistan match! You can imagine my horror!!

I didn't want to miss ANY bit of both my sister's wedding OR the amazingly crispy India-Pakistan match! :O

Thank the heavens! My wonderful techie brother suggested this amazing UC Browser mobile app to me. I already had it installed in my phone(it's my favourite browser) but he was the one who introduced me to it's 'UC Cricket' tab. It's a space dedicated to every cricket fan like me! :D

Need I say that India rocked it by winning the match against Pakistan! ;) Oh Yes! Too bad we didn't win the cup but hey! That one India-Pakistan match I watched seamlessly on UC Browser was worth a ten cups! ;)

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