Wish Because #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart!


Wish ~ Is a hope
Wishing ~ Is happiness
Wish ~ Is what keeps one going...

They say dreams are born young, it was no different in my case. I started wishing even as I was a little girl. 

First for chocolates..
Then for toys..
And then For better grades..
Then Pretty Clothes..
There was no end to my wish list...
My love for makeup and fitness evolved in my school days. The memories of how my friends and I would sneak in cans of Vaseline to school and how we did our hair during lunch hours are near and dear to me. Back then, our makeup was a basic Boroplus cream and a dab of vaseline on lips. Then as I grew up, I got acquainted to the beautiful world of makeup, beauty and fitness where the choices were endless.
Today, when I recall those carefree days, a smile curls up my lips. I used to apply products even from unknown brands and my skin never objected to it, unlike today, where even products from brands like Lakme and Colorbar cause irritation to my super sensitive skin.

Talking about Makeup and beauty.. I am reminded of a very precious memory with my best friend. Mum had taken both of us to a beauty parlour to give us a boy cut. When we reached there, the lady in charge was busy doing something to her customer's eyebrows. Young as we were, we failed to realize that the lady was doing an eyebrow session and thought that something fishy was going on. When the session was over, we stole a glance at that lady and to our amusement, her face looked neater and beautiful. Awed by the whole incident guess what we both did when we came back home?! We both actually...I mean for REAL cut off our eyebrows, using  scissors...haha...OMG! How stupid of us! I remember, we both had first locked ourselves up inside my brother's room and had cut off our eyebrows with the help of scissors and the result - we looked like circus clowns! Don't ask me what happened after that! I can still not get over that look on my mother's face when she caught us in the act! Thank God those were summer vacation or there wouldn't have been any stop at the humiliation we would have received at school...

A fellow beauty blogger, Dolon wrote in her last post about how she wishes to buy an Urban Decay palette. While I was going through her post I was reminded of how I myself splurged on products from Schwarzkopf, Clinique and Urban decay few days back. But while for Dolon, it was a wish to own an Urban Decay palette, for me, it was a necessity as lately, my skin has gone super sensitive and prone to a lot of allergies so now I have to forcefully opt for expensive makeup to keep my skin happy. :(

I checked my weight during Eid time last week and got a mini heart attack when the reading on the weighing machine showed that I had gained 10 Kgs extra in the last two months :O. 

Workouts are really not my thing. I just don't get enough inspiration or let's be truthful and say that I am a big lazy sack (:P) so I really can't seem to follow them every day. The need of a smart coach.. or a fit friend who keeps reminding me politely to workout and who keeps track of all my activities is always there.
That's when I wished for the FitBit Surge fitness band. One of my Twitter pals got himself this band and he was all praises. He said that it's a real best friend, a coach, a strict tracker who will make sure you achieve your goal of losing those extra kilos and getting healthy. 

Now, the only problem was it's availability as I hunted for it in my entire area, but it wasn't available anywhere and mind you, I live in Bangalore! O_o

Just when I was about to feel low and dejected, my sister who has been my angel at all  my hard times, broke to me that it was available on Flipkart! Then, you know what was next! The Flipkart Wish Genie delivered my wish, the FitBit Surge at my doorsteps! :D
My wish was to stay fit, to improve the health of my skin and enjoy makeup from not only expensive brands like Urban Decay but also all other brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar and thanks to Flipkart, my wish to stay fit will be fulfilled.. #AbHarWishHogiPoori !! :)

I have been their regular customer for over three years now I there's no doubt that they have already fulfilled many of my wishes. Flipkart has fulfilled not only mine but also my whole family's wishes. :D

So, dear old fit and healthy me,
Don't worry, I'll win you back! ;)

Keep Wishing, keep Shopping!
A true Shopaholic,

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  1. lol, u just brought me back my uneven hair cut days.. this band is useful n it easily helps us to get back to our usual happy self. Interesting post.

    1. Haha.. Glad I could help you recollect some treasured memories :) Thanks.

  2. Hey B, very heart warming post. I have been a regular customer of Flipkart too :)

  3. Hey B, very heart warming post. I have been a regular customer of Flipkart too :)

  4. I loved your choice of pick! Smart enough...Super post dear

  5. First things first Bushra ! Do I believe my eyes when I realized today that you are not in my IB network ??? I have just made things good by adding you there :) now , as for your post I loved the ' look on your mom's face part ' after the eyebrow cutting act :D
    Though I was not that much into makeup but cans of moisturisers were found in my bag too , to supress that sick odour which comes from your hands after hours of holding a dead frog !! Yikes !
    PS . I liked this fitbit band of yours ... A great way to check weight :)


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