Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and Lolliflash Review


What makes you smile?

A genuine compliment? A sumptuous dish? Or simply a smile from someone else?!

While all of the above do make me smile, there are some  things which are above these all ~ Gadgets! Just the thought of them and the opportunity of getting to experience and own them brings me tons of smiles! :)
Even the thought of living without my phone, my laptop and my iPad for a certain period of time is simply horrifying. Out of all my gadgets, I use my phone the most and that is what I keep changing and upgrading the most. What with the unlimited options these days, I am spoilt for choice! :P As I use my phone the most, every time I buy a new one, I make sure what I am buying perfectly suits my needs. There's a sea of options available, but not all brands allure a choosy social media addict like me!

Guess what I got my hands on recently! The latest ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. ASUS has been launching a very interesting series of phones lately. Not to mention all of which turn out to be simply superb budget options. One of their latest launch The Zenfone Selfie has caught my eye and I think that's what I am gifting my Selfie addicted Bro this festive season! :D
Coming to the core of this post, I got to experience the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for a week and I am simply floored! I want to share every bit of my experience with you all!

First impression:
I have got very busy lately and when I was told that I was being sent this phone, I couldn't check out it's specs and pricing before hand. Only on the night that I unboxed it did I Google It's details. The biggest plus point of this phone is that it looks ROYAL and simply CLASSY. My first look at it and I was convinced that this range by ASUS was an expensive luxury range. The phone really has that dashing over-the-top looks! When I googled its price finally out of curiosity, I had a mini heart attack caused by excessive joy!
Priced at INR 9,999/- , it's the biggest budget phone in the current market with totally amazing features. The laser feature really makes it stand out among the other and the pricing makes it irresistable.

the designing is gorgeous with a 5.5 inch HD display. It's hard to believe that this phone costs just 9999/- as the designing has a lot of grace in it and this phone has that classic expensive look to it. Also, you cannot tell it away from the other Zenfones easily! This phone is designed with perfection with a high-end phone. The build is superb!!

What makes the phone stand out:

There are two features which REALLY enhance your experience with this phone. The Power button, unlike the other majority of smart phones, is situated at the top of the phone and the volume buttons ~ AT THE BACK! :D When I first used this phone, I was searching for the volume buttons, all panicky. Then my younger Bro pointed out that they were at the back. I was really impressed! :D

The lasting power of the battery of this phone left me craving to make this phone mine ASAP! (Too bad it's out of stock on Flipkart :/) It lasts for 24 hours even with regular usage.


As the name says it, this phone has an inbuilt laser detector situated on the back side, beside the camera. This feature really boosts the photography experience. The back camera is pretty good with 13 MP. However, I found the front cam wasn't that satisfactory!

BEST features:
*The Camera
*PRICING! This phone is a steal at only 9,999/-. I was SHOCKED when I checked out the price on Flipkart. It's the most amazingly priced smartphone ever!
*Battery: Lasts for like EVER!!

Verdict: Coming to the conclusion, the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 phone is the biggest BUDGET smart phone with an amazing camera and other features! I totally recommend it

My Tip: I would say that this phone is BEST for gifting purposes. The festive season is here too, so if you want to REALLY impress your loved one without burning a hole in your pocket then go for this! :D

The best thing about this product is its name. It's exactly like a yummy lickable Lollipop(with the pink filter on)! :D This is a very innovative product which has a very cute designing. The light range is not too high but works quite well when the subject is not too far! I loved clicking away using this Lollipop :P
This can also be used individually, without being plugged in. This is what I loved the most and I say it's a must buy for photography addicts like me! :)
I am head over heels in love with this phone and I am sure that by now, you have fallen for it too! ;) I am waiting for Flipkart to get it back in stock and then we both are going to unite ASAP!! Can't wait for #MyAsusZenfone :D


P.S: The red color variant of this phone is more hot and gorgeous and that's what I am eyeing at! ;)
P.P.S: You can catch the Unboxing of this phone in this previous post of mine.

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