The Joy of Real Togetherness


Today's technology equipped world has lost the value of real togetherness. We are too busy with our smartphones to even look up from our screens and admire true beauty and connect with things and people who matter.

All those meaningful chats with our families, sitting by the fire during night time, munching on Mom's Pakodas, bickering with siblings, chatting about little things of life and sharing our life with our loved ones... ~ All of it is long lost!

Today, as I write this, I am filled with guilt as I have become as big a technology slave as anyone else. Gadgets are my world for me. Life without them would actually make me handicapped, and it is this thought which I feel guilty about. As I write this, I know that this has to change. I have to stop this extreme madness and tech-dependence and get back to leading a REAL life which will give me some REAL memories... memories which are more than just small, emotionless smartphone chats, soulless texts, and occasional Hi Hellos... and I am going to work on it! :)

It was not until my parents left for Hajj Pilgrimage this September, that I realized what they mean to me. Living for a month without them was the most difficult time of my life, some moments were highly torturous... when I look back to those days, my heart stops beating. When the Hajj 2015 tragedy happened, I felt like I had been plunged into hell. Even after regularly calling my parents and them reassuring me that they were fine, I was definitely not fine. Until yesterday when they came back home safe, every minute without them was a huge weigh to my heart. Only when I received them at the airport and hugged all the air out of them, did my worries dissipate. The joy of seeing them all healthy and hearty, filled with a new degree of determination and vigor, was beyond compare.

They say we learn from our mistakes. Yes, I have learnt from mine. I used to never give much importance to spending quality time with my parents and family. Social media had blinded me so much that I lived in the same house with my Mom but we hardly had a meaningful conversation for months. My Dad would make real efforts to bond the family, have meaningful conversations but something went haywire with time. We just got busy in our worlds... ignoring real beauty and real togetherness.

Nature plays a striking role in discovering real togetherness and getting you close to loved ones. That's the reason my Dad insists on a family holiday every year or so to our roots... a place where people hardly give importance to technology, a place where a big part of my family resides, a place where every minute brings you close to your loved ones ~ My village.

It's impossible that you sit by the breath taking Sarson ke khet(farms) surrounded by your family and you don't get to experience real togetherness! Nature has its own music. Music which plays its magic and lightens your heart... giving yu unforgettable memories.

It's high time we broke ourselves from the shackles of the digital world. That Instagram selfie on your wedding is not as important as the person you are ignoring, the one who is standing by while you are too busy clicking away to notice his/her emotions.

It's high time you realized that every second of your life need not change into a Facebook status/update.

Wake up to Real togetherness folks ~ Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

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  1. Like you I too have learnt from my mistakes. Providing quality time with our loved ones is indeed of prime importance.

  2. Lets bring back the real togetherness one day! :)
    About every second turning into FB status, true that :D

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  4. So beautifully written ,, we all are doing the same mistake of being slaves to technology and in the process losing on life every second ,though technology is important and bettered our life , we must learn to balance our life before life is sucked out by technology. Nothing can beat nature and old school family bonding

  5. Just wanted to thank you for the great ideas. As of yet I do not have a blog, however that said, I now have many options.

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  6. Thanku For Sharing This Post Really Amazing Post


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