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We have grown up to see every bride-to-be around us prepare and plan her wedding for months. Wedding is a significant phase of life for any woman and every woman wants to make sure that she looks her best on this special day of her life. I myself have grown up between friends and sisters who have spent months to design the perfect dress for their wedding day.

Every bride tries to chose the perfect dress for herself, but has she thought about what she will wear underneath it?

Remember, that your choice of lingerie for your wedding day is as important as your Wedding dress itself. The right choice of lingerie and only that can give you a complete, perfect look. 

You should chose your lingerie according to your wedding dress. For example, you can't adorn a normal Bra under a strapless dress, a full bust Bra under a deep neck dress and so on. Your choice of lingerie should go hand in hand with your dress. Bustier Bras are the ultimate choice for every bride as they give the sexiest look, but then again, they are not that good in the comfort department.
There are four main pointers to consider before choosing your wedding lingerie:
1. Comfort
2. Style
3. Support
4. Your Wedding Dress.

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Having told you this, let me bring a smile on your face by introducing you to a new collection of Bridal lingerie by Triumph, a leading lingerie brand, which not only takes care of the four above pointers but also aims on giving you the best Bridal experience ever.
Bridal lingerie is very crucial as it not only helps you look your best on your wedding day but also boosts your confidence on your wedding night. The luxurious new range of Bridal lingerie by Triumph is comfortable, passionate, versatile and most importantly ~ seductive. It is something every bride should own and adorn on her wedding day and every other time she has the urge to look beautiful and irresistible.

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This seductive new bridal collection has been specially crafted for the wedding season, featuring contrast color two tone lace with a sparking diamond motif in the center. Seductive black to Racy red, chose any color which suits you best. Sensuous, supportive and feminine, this range is your answer to confidence and boldness.
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From delicate flower art to luxurious lace, this range is designed to help you look gorgeous on both your wedding day and night. Super versatile bras are available in padded and non-padded styles with changeable straps that can convert from a cross-back to a halter or a classic style to strapless in seconds. With so many features and designs to chose from, this collection is a must have for every Bride out there.

Check out their entire sensuous and hot collection of lingerie here.

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  1. Their collection is beautiful dear... It's really important to have the right lingerie on your D'day and you have introduced some apt an stunning pieces here! :)

  2. Wow loved their collection Bushu!!!

  3. Simply loved the collection and I believe in comfortable and soft lingerie.. glad to hear about this brand :)

  4. The lace looks so intricate and Fab. Would love to try this collection!

  5. The collection is lovely. Love the designing.

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