My LookBook With The Zenfone 2 and Contest


My Look Book using ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser
We women love to doll up and never miss an opportunity to do so. Everything from the hair to the toe nails have to be prim, proper and gorgeous for us.

But have you ever cared to dress according to the accessories you are carrying along? This is very vital. We don't want anything to look out of place now do we?! There have been so many incidents where well dressed people, even actresses have done it all wrong because of the choice of accessories.

A phone is your best accessory as you carry your world in it and I am sure everyone agrees with me. So why neglect your phone when it comes to dolling up? Let the choice of your phone speak volumes about you. It's time to choose the right phone, which suits your sophisticated style best.
Zenfone 2 Limited edition Case covers
When I reviewed my first phone from ASUS, I had no idea I would get so addicted to this brand. If I thought that this phone was the best there was, ASUS had to prove me wrong and and amaze us all with their Zenfone series. When we all thought that this was it, they went a step ahead of awesomeness and launched the Zenfone 2 series.

Since the time I got my hands on the Zenfone 2 Laser, I fell in love with the Zenfone series. Deeply. Unconditionally.
After ASUS launched their Zenfone 2 limited edition phones, I fell in love all over again.

My black Zenfone looks gorgeous with anything I wear, complimenting me in the best way but I do take that little extra effort to steal the show ;).
Ethnic Fusion Look Book using Zenfone 2 Laser
The first image in this post is of the 'Classy Black Look' I created using the Zenfine 2 Laser. The one above and the one below are Ethnic Fusion looks. The above one is more on the bubbly casual side while the below one is Festive glamour look. :)
#Zenlooks Contest:
ASUS has this wonderful creative #ZenLooks contest going on their Facebook page for Fashionistas where they are giving out amazing goodies/vouchers and Zenfone 2 phones to daily and weekly winners. The contest is super fun, where all you have to do is design a case cover for the Zenfone 2. It can be a picture you have clicked, a design you made or anything which represents your fashion aesthetics!

I for once had great fun playing this contest :D These are all the cases I made for Zenfone: (All of them are pictures I have clicked :D) *I am loving that birdie case a little too much ^_^*
My Cover Designs For the Zenfone 2 :D
The last date for this contest is December 6 2015 so hurry folks! Who knows, beside the fun you'll have creating case covers, you can win yourself a gorgeous Zenfone 2 too! :D Share your case design here ASAP.

Have fun and all the best!
~ Bushra

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  1. I simply love your Zen series of blog posts.. The phone looks damn promising and indeed has a lot to offer and I totally adore your oh-so-classy clicks. <3

  2. The app is really addictive... loved the covers you have made... :-)

  3. You have made a lovely covers.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  4. hi Bushra,
    u made such a nice cover phone I like ur bridie coverphone with baby Copper smith :) I missed this contest but hope to win next time


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