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"To travel is to live." Indeed.

Just the word 'Travel' is enough to get us all excited and fill our whole being with zest.

Having born in Bangalore, far from my ancestral home in Lucknow, I got the chance to travel at a very young age. The joy was endless and every time we visited our ancestral home, I would have a blast. It takes three whole days to reach Lucknow from Bangalore by train and these days were always the best days of my life. 

After three days of the Train journey,would come the most fun part, our family would check inside a hotel in Lucknow to spend a day there and freshen up and treat ourselves to a sumptuous Nawabi feast before we travelled further to our ancestral village, close to Sitapur. After the train journey part, this was what I loved the most. Our family would have to book two rooms every time and it was tremendous fun exploring the whole hotel and annoying my little brother with freak hotel-ghosts bed time stories. :D

While travelling, it's very important to chose the right hotel. One has to consider a lot of factors like the ambiance, women's safety, privacy, and other features the hotel has to offer. 

As for me, I always crosscheck if the hotel provides five things before booking:

1. Free WiFi: Being a big social media addict, I never compromise on this part. :P I often carry my laptop wherever I go and have to tend to my sudden Blogging and browsing needs so WiFi is a must.

2. Ambiance: Why miss a chance to treat yourself to luxury when you get one right?! :)

3. Delicious Food: I am a die hard foodie and food is what makes me happy so yum food is a must.

4. Budget: Luxury on a budget is what I always look out for. What's the fun when your stay at the hotel costs more than your entire trip?! That's the reason why I hunt a Budget Hotel which does not compromise on the goods.

5. Safety/Security: This is the top priority for any women travelling and staying between strangers.

Recently, the Brand new branch of Hotel Formule1 by Accor hotels, in Hyderabad HITECH city has caught my attention. The hotel looks simply magnificent in pictures and I would love to experience it in reality. I was so in awe with what I saw when I Googled it that I have fallen in love with it.
Hotel formule1, Hyderabad HITECH City
I will have to travel to Hyderabad in a few weeks for an assignment there and this will be a wonderful opportunity to experience Hotel Formule1 in real time! :D

Hotel Formule1 falls in the category of the best and leading India hotels. They offer luxury rooms from as low as ₹2399/- and the best thing I loved is that they provide free high speed WiFi! *happy dance*. That's not all, they treat their guests with free buffet breakfast and free local transfer too. With soundproof windows and hardwood floors, this hotel is the ultimate choice for anyone who loves to travel, especially the Youth who are always looking for more amenities.
Hotel Formule1 Lobby
This hotel is famous for its 'Green zone' which is a part of Hotel Formule1's commitment to planet 21 and endeavor to be a low carbon footprint hotel. The green zone provides bicycles for the guests to travel. 

Apart from its recent launch in Hyderabad, it is present in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune Hinjewadi and Pimpri, Greater Noida, and opening soon in Chennai OMR and Nasik too.

Can't wait to experience this magnificence! :)

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  1. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very well written blog.

    In fact I have been to Formule1 hotel at Whitefield Bangalore in 2013.
    One of the best budget hotels I can say. I was there on my official trip for 15 days and they charged way too less compared to other hotels. Being affordable to your pocket they didn't compromise on the quality of room amenities and food.
    Best was -
    Free Wifi,
    Free complimentary Juice on arrival on first day,
    Free unlimited breakfast(Fruits included),
    Free cake on my Bday,

    I still have one of the pictures from my stay at Formule1 https://goo.gl/UMYOzg

    I'll always suggest Formule1 hotels over any other :)

    1. Free cake on your Birthday? now that is something really cool! :D

  3. seems like a nice place... thanks for sharing Bushra :-)
    cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

  4. Good luck with your travel and stay with Formule1. Happy to read about your Bangalore-Lucknow journey and beyond :)

  5. Have a good stay at Formule1. Looks like quite a good stay option. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Seems like a great place to stay, I'm gonna try it the next time when I'm in Whitefield.

    - Style.. A Pastiche - Drop by some time. - www.styleapastiche.com


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