Gulab Jamun Recipe With A Sugar Free Twist


Sugar Free Gulab Jamuns 
Food ~ What emotions does this simple word trigger in you?

For me it's a million emotions and the biggest one is love! I love food, food loves me.. we have a great bond. We have been together and for each other in the gravest of times and have shared and celebrated every moment of life together.

Sometimes I wonder how pointless life would be if a human had no appetite and did not require food to live. The whole cycle of life would be so pointless and the enthusiasm of living would be lost. Everything from south Indian Idli sambar, to North Indian chana chole, kababs, biryani and western cuisines is pure love to me. Food, especially desserts have this amazing quality of elevating my mood, no matter how sour I am feeling!

I eat food, I live food, I even dream about it! That's not all, I love cooking them too. What's the fun when you can't cook what you like to eat right?!

The best dishes I love cooking are desserts(because they taste the best :P). But sadly, I don't get to experiment too much in this category as my Dad is a Sugar patient and of course, I am turning into a Laddoo myself due to excess intake of sugar and zero intake of exercise.

But food is food and we all find a way to get close to things we love, don't we?! :D We always have a box of 'Sugarfree' powder from Natura stocked up in our shelf to pertain to my Dad's regular Coffee cravings. Thanks to my Dad, I got this crazy idea to recreate my favorite Gulab Jamun recipe by substituting the not so healthy normal sugar with Sugar free Natura. I am here to share the same experience with all you lovely readers. :)


Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 40-50 Gulab Jamuns


For The Dough:
*750 grams Unsweetened Khoya
*250 grams Maida flour
*Milk(To knead the dough)
*A pinch of soda
*1tsp Ghee

For The Syrup:
*100gm Sugarfree Natura Diet Powder. (This is the main part of the recipe as this is what will make the dish edible for anyone.)
*1/2 liter water
*Cardamom, pinch of saffron, three drops of rose water.

For Frying:
*1 liter cooking oil. 


*Start with kneading the dough. Knead only until all ingredients are mixed and the khoya has completely dissolved in the Maida flour. Kneading intensively will lead to hardening of the flour, resulting in hard Jamuns which won't soak in the syrup well. Once the kneading is done, keep aside for about ten minutes. Make small/medium sized balls using your palms. Don't leave any cracks.

*Meanwhile, boil the water, add cardamom saffron and rose water to it. Too much of rose water will spoil the taste so be careful. Add the Sugar Free Natura powder to this water and boil for a minute.

*Take a deep frying kadhai, add oil to it when hot. When the oil is ready(and only when the oil is ready), add the balls to it and deep fry. You can fry in two trips if the balls are more. Let them turn into a sweet golden brown. 

*Now is the trickiest part. Add the hot, just-out-of-the-kadhai balls straight into the warm syrup. If the syrup has cooled down, warm it up again. This is very vital as, if the syrup is not warm, the balls won't seep in the syrup entirely.

*Garnish and serve cold. Yum. :D
Gulab Jamun while frying
Sugar Free Natura is wonderful substitute for sugar and a big blessing for people who want to stay health and not miss on the goodness of desserts and everything sweet :)

||Golden Tip|| 
If you feel the sweetness is less after cooking then you can simply sprinkle Sugar free Natura powder on your dessert and adjust the sweetness. That simple. And of course, if you feel the dish is too sweet then you can boil some water, cool it a little and add to the syrup. Win. Win. ;)

Love Healthy. Live Healthy!

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  1. These looks delicious.. Have you made it at home? Looks authentic home made... Even I used to try such adventures of making Gulab Jamun but always ended up burning them dark black and my mom used to come after me with a belan in her hand :D

    1. Hahaha! Thanks. I love cooking, especially recipes like Gulab Jamuns! *slurp*

  2. They look tempting. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  3. Looks delicious. Mouth watering. Well Done. All the best for the contest.

    :) :) :)

    My entry:-


  4. This is indeed delicious and mouthwatering. I love gulab jamun and this recipe is awesome. Good luck for the contest.

    Read my entry and share your views here >>

  5. Are you craving for tasty delicacies but want to avoid sugar and oil? Here’s the good news. Not all healthy food needs to be devoid of flavour. Our nutritious recipes will have you asking for more


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