What Inspired Me To Blog?


Dear Diary
If you have read this post you will know that I had a habit of encasing every significant part of my life in the form of words in my personal diary. This has been a habit since my childhood days.

To date, I have scraped all my heart into five diaries out of which, two of them I still have, safely hidden in the mess of my wardrobe shelf. The other three were unlucky to have caught my eye when I was extensively angry or in some other deep emotion. Back then I had this crazy habit of destroying anything which caught my eye first when I was very angry or facing a grave emotional state.

I love writing and creating my own stories and poems, both English and Shayaris. When I was in High school, my friends used to always praise whatever I wrote and they were the ones who inspired me to keep writing. I was their answer to their instant poetry needs for any occasion, especially Valentines day. :P

I still remember that significant day of my life which was a turning point for me. I had penned a poem on friendship for my best friend Sindhu. To my surprise, she loved it so much that she was teary when she read it and she did something which made my cheeks go red. She gave that paper to our class teacher saying "Ma'am look Bushra wrote this poem!!".

I looked at my class teacher, my heart getting heavy by every passing second. (Oh no! What is she going to say!!) My teacher didn't say anything for a while, she just went out and pinned the paper with the poem on the Notice board of our corridor. 

I can never forget this incident. It's very special for me as that is when people started recognizing my work and every "Did you write that poem?" was like an energy pill for me. :D

When the world got digital, my interest in diaries was lost too but the thirst to write always remained. That was when I met my blog and fell in love.

Speaking truthfully, I never even knew what the word 'Blog' meant until I passed my college. My amazing sisters were the ones who introduced me to blogging and I can never thank them enough.

In this post I have written why Indiblogger is so special to me and how I started blogging. Let me just repeat myself again and let you all know that I started my blog to play contests! Yes. Hahahaha :D

My friends, my teachers and mostly, my family inspired me to blog. The last time I spoke to my beloved English teacher, she had advised me to never stop writing. I am glad I didn't. If you are reading this Maam, thank you for those inspiring words! :)

Coming to what I have achieved from Blogging...

Well there are unlimited things I have achieved from my blog like:

*My blog is my best buddy, someone I can talk to non stop, someone I can pour my heart into.
*I have achieved a chance to chase my passions.
*I have achieved endless opportunities.
*I have achieved amazing fellow blogger friends
*Blogging has now become my job. I am glad that my passion is my work. :)
*I have achieved loads of goodies. You know what I mean. ;)
*I have achieved thousands of lovely readers. You are the best! :D

But most of all, what I have achieved is my lost soul and inner peace.

I love Blogging. I love my Blog. I love all my wonderful readers. I love those who take that extra pain of commenting on my posts. Means a lot. I love those secret readers too who stalk my blog. (You know who you are. Hi 5! ;)) I have learnt so much from this virtual world and blogging means a lot to me now.

~ Bushra

P.S: Coming December 25th is my Blog's third anniversary. :D Will be throwing a BIG party..err..giveaway! :P

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  1. And you write and express yourself so well... keep up the writing :-) hugs!

  2. What a wonderful post Bushra !And Ya... ya.. I am your lovely reader :p :)

  3. And it's an inspiration in itself to read your inspiring story of blogging. You expressed yourself so beautifully. May you achieve newer heights, lots of love and good wishes dear <3 Hugs!

  4. That was a great read Bushra. Sure you have a come a long way blogging. Thanks for opening your heart out. Kudos!

  5. Very inspiring! Keep blogging!

  6. Happy to read about your journey and the inspiration I am getting here is great 😊

    Keep writing, I hope your ma'am sees your work sometime 😊

  7. That was such a lovely read! Wish u lot of lovely posts ahead!

  8. That was such a lovely read! Wish u lot of lovely posts ahead!

  9. miss u bushra :* i wish u more success ahead..and yeah sometimes i do stalk ur blog and its amazing u r doing a great job :)
    -love ur bff(u know who i am :P)


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