Why Bangalore Is The Best Place To Live


Madiwala lake, surrounded by IT hubs, Bangalore
Having had the privilege to be born and brought up in a city like Bangalore, I had no clue I would get so deeply attached to it. I fell hopelessly in love with it at a very young age.

Bangalore exudes warmth, cheerfulness and friendliness. Everything about this beautiful city is bewitching, especially the climate! It is the best thing about Bangalore and you will find everyone you meet from here boasting about the same. Bangalore has been famed to have one of the best climates in the world. The person who comes here once, falls in love with it and stays here. I myself have seen hundreds of my friends and their relatives relocating to Bangalore. What with the constantly growing IT regions, the employment opportunities in Bangalore are simply increasing and so are the people residing in this beautiful city! Bangalore is a potpourri of cultures and the people here are deep patriots of art and classics.

Gone are the days when you you could find unoccupied lands on every other block. Now every other corner has been replaced by sky scrapers and Industrial infrastructure. But does that mean the essence of the city is lost? NO. Growing with the IT industry of Bangalore are the unlimited and explicitly beautiful parks and gardens. No matter in which part of this city you live, you will always be close to Nature!

The people here are the best. They are very open-minded, friendly, tolerant. I make friends every where I go and these turn out to be very memorable moments of my life. :) You don't have those nosy neighbors who keep nagging at you. Everyone is friendly here but not to an extent where they try to interfere your personal space or privacy. 

Traffic in Bangalore has gone to unimaginable heights. To travel even a small distance it takes like ages. But who's complaining when you get to treat your eyes to this at the traffic jams?

The BEST of Bangalore in a Nutshell:

Meet my Neighbors:
This little beauty is the best neighbor one can get and I am glad she lives just opposite my house. I wake up every morning to her family's chirps and find myself filled with zest every time I catch a glimpse of her. Apart from her, there are squirrels, pigeons and crows who give my otherwise digital life a touch of reality.
One can watch this squirrel's act all day. Watching him nibbling on nuts/fruits and the way he always wants to sneak into my balcony to nibble on food fills me with peace and contentment. Every time I am fed of the digital world and look up from my laptop, this one is always there to make me smile. :)

Roadside Treats:
Every street here in Bangalore is filled with such cart full of treats. Everything from mouthwatering Pani puri to drool worthy pancakes are sold on the roadside here.
Chinnaswamy stadium is another pride of Bangalore! :)
Filled with acres and acres of greenery, Lalbagh is my favorite destination to jog. It's also my favorite destination for photography. :)
Lal Bagh, Bangalore
Cubbon Park:
Cubbon Park is another epic place in Bangalore. What makes it more lovable than Lal Bagh for me is the Bal Bhavan which is filled with joyful rides :D It's the best place to take your family to and spend some quality time.
Lately, the traffic is going out of hand. I am glad that the work on METRO is in progress and hopefully it will come as a solution to our traffic vows. Anyways, who is complaining when you have such amazing richly painted city walls to treat your eyes to while you are waiting for the traffic to clear?! :D
Traffic Pleasures:
Courtesy: images.worthview.com
All this and so much more have made me fall in love with my city, Bangalore. My love for it has only deepened by every passing day. That's the reason why there's NO other place I would rather be! :)

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  1. I quite like Bangalore but now the pollution gets to my nerves...
    though undoubtedly, it is a lovely place :-)

    1. Yes, pollution. But still I can chose Bangalore over any place anyday! :D

  2. I've never been to Bangalore, but have seen enough pix and know enough people from there to love it. Loved the article and the images! It's indeed the Garden City!

  3. Never been to Bangalore but know quite a few people from there... Indeed the Garden City it is. Thanks for sharing such breathtaking pictures! Undoubtedly, a lovely place! :)

    1. Indeed. :) You should visit some time sweety! Thanks :)

  4. San traffic .. i love Bangalore .. Best place to stay :)

  5. Have been to the city twice, and I know this feeling.. it feels like a home outside home... yes, perfectly put- nature and IT- the perfect combination..

  6. Thank you. This is nice, brings back some good old memories of Blore. It certainly is a beautiful place to live, I only wish the traffic would reduce a bit :) a

    1. Yes, it's indeed beautiful :) I wish the same.

  7. Wow..!! Now I am tempted to visit Bangalore soon :)
    A lovely post :)

  8. Your pics speak volumes of the city and definitely it was that beautiful once upon a time but now ...sadly..it has become a city of garbage, potholes and rampant haphazard development...


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