3 Home Remedies To Fantastico and Glowing skin


I am a big time lazy girl and home remedies are so not my thing but the laziness has now started reflecting even on my skin as I have been neglecting it a lot off late. Lacing my skin with chemicals from store brought creams, lotions and serums maybe the quickest way to restore its glow but they come with their own cons. So I decided to finally drive my laziness away and include some simple home remedies and DIY in my skin care routine . I must say home remedies have their own benefits, results last longer plus they are super easy on the pocket too. So go ahead and try these remedies and see if they work for you.

Detan with a Tomato: Many beauty blogger friends follow this detanning routine using a tomato. My vacations this Xmas and new year meant I developed a slight tan and finally decided to give this routine a try and guess what! It actually works. I cut a ripe tomato and massaged it on my face for about fifteen minutes in circular motions and then washed my face clean. I did this for 5 days daily to completely get rid of my tan. If you just have light tan you can try this twice a week .
If you have time on hand then try this tomato-yougurt-sugar pack:
How to Make: Cut open a tomato, sprinkle some brown sugar on it, next top it with a little yogurt and rub this all over your face and neck. This helps not only to Detan but also to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.
Tip: Make sure you rub in gently because brown sugar can be a tad bit too harsh on your skin.

Honey lemon Mask: Honey has plenty of benefits and it is used for variety of purposes in my home.  I always have pure honey stocked and finally decided to include honey in my beauty routine. Honey has antibacterial properties which are ideal if you have acne or pimples. Lemon acts as a natural bleach and helps in giving you a clear complexion.
How to Make honey lemon mask: Squeeze half a lemon in a bowl and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. Apply on face and leave for 2 minutes. Wash it clean pat dry for hydrated and glowing skin. Do this once every morning or on alternate days.
Tip: If you have sensitive skin the lemon can sting so add just some drops of lemon juice to honey instead of half a lemon.

Besan rose water pack: Beauty benefits of besan and rose water are known even to my grand mother. Besan ubtans are used in giving a glow to the bride before her wedding day and there is no reason why you shouldn't try this home remedy on a regular basis.
How to make: Mix equal quantities of rose water and besan in a bowl and apply on face. wait for a minute or two and cleanse with water. This cleanses skin without stripping it of moisture and also clears your complexion.
Tip: Use pure rose water from premium brands for added benefits. Avoid cheap rose water like Dabur Gulbari which just has rose essence in it.

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  1. Great home recipes. Would surely try these! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Regardless of age, we all want to have glowing skin. We can find plenty of home remedies for glowing skin but the tips provided by you is very effectively work on my skin. Keep on posting!


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