4 Peppy Earring Trends To Flaunt This Love Season


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I am sure all you wonderful ladies and *ehm* suave men are already preparing for it. This post is dedicated to all you lovely ladies! Those who are happily single like me, this post is for you too as who knows? Love can strike at any moment! :D

This Valentine's Day, make a difference by going ethnic. Or you can just add an ethnic touch to your outfit by donning these trendy earrings. The fourth trend though is of ear cuffs which again can be worn both on western and Indian wear!

I picked up what suited the current trend from my jewelry stash and photographed it for this post. It took a lot of time for me to click these pictures because between all the photographing, I started wearing these earrings and looking at myself in the mirror, clicking selfies and what not! *narcissist alert* :P Anyhow, these are my very favorite earring trends at present.

Behold these peppy earring trends:

Not just any jhumkas but big, huge ones! Jhumkas are the peppiest earrings which go with any ethnic outfit. They look best on Anarkalis and Sarees. This season is all about volume, flaunt these huge jhumkas and you are sure to grab all the attention. This pair is one with intricate pearl and stone design. The beads just add extra oomph to it. I bought them from a store at commercial street Bangalore. I didn't know which dress I would pair them with when I picked them up but I simply couldn't walk away from that shop leaving these gorgeous beauties. I got them for around 399/- after a little bargain and they are totally worth it!

Another trend which is quite common among girls these days. Tassles look beautiful on both ethnic and western outfits. I have a craze for pearls and this pair is again from a different store at commercial street, Bangalore. You won't believe how much I got them for! Sadly, I tried them when I was back home and they were HEAVY! Hardly worn them twice but got compliments each time. So.. who cares about the weight *winks*

Another cute trend and one of my personal favorites because they are AMAZINGLY light. Just like a feather but they give you a heavy look. To look at, they look quite heavy but the one who's wearing them knows that they weigh like a feather. Super comfortable and chic! Again, bought them from another store at commercial street, Bangalore.

These are the current rage and the peppiest earnings of the season! Sadly, they don't quite fall into teh comfort category so avoid wearing them. I have like five pair of different ear cuffs and just one of them is comfortable to wear. So is you are ready to compromise on the comfort bit, these will help you steal the show! Simply very peppy and irresistible. Bought them from Amazon. These are the most expensive out of the four pairs.

Which trend would you like to flaunt this season? Do share and also, anyone who wants a detailed post on each trend with actual photographs can ping me!

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  2. I love the ear cuffs. I have recently bought many of them. They look so cool and trendy at the same time. :)


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