4 Peppy Jewellery Ideas For The New Age Bride


Brides these days are open to experimenting. They spend a lot of time meticulously planning their looks not only for the wedding or Reception but also for their pre-wedding ceremonies. Wedding may be the time to go traditional and over the top but you can definitely try different fun stuff for your pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehendi or Sangeet. Here are 4 peppy jewelry ideas to inspire you to do just that.

Modern fun matha pattis aka head chains: Matha pattis are a bridal accessory mostly worn by brides in south India but these days the head accessory has been revamped giving it a more modern and fun feel. Simple two strand head chains and even chunky huge matha pattis are in style . Brides can go for these modern matha pattis at their Mehendi or Haldi and skip on the earrings at these ceremonies.
Floral jewelry for your Mehendi is so common and if you want to try something different an elaborate head piece is the way to go. Keeping your ears and rest of the look minimal also helps balance out your look and with mehendi design smeared on both your hands, you just don't want to worry about too many accessories. Epic win this I say!

Body Chains: This western trend has made its way into India and there is no reason why you can't try it in your wedding.  Body chains work best with plain outfits so this trend is best tried on your haldi day.

Go add zing to your pale yellow haldi outfit with a layered body chain . If you are wearing a saree then go in for a strapless blouse or opt for a kurti with a low back to let the body shine on. Your haldi smeared look couldn't get any more stylish. could it?

Hand Harness aka quirky hath phool: The traditional hath phool is back in trend in its reinvented version. The modernized hath phool is made with simple gold chains and don't require you to cover all your five fingers. two, three and even single finger hand harnesses are now available and these can be worn even with your western wear.
Style your cocktail party look or bridal shower outfit with a hand harness and let your hand do all the talking. When flaunting this edgy accessory skip on bangles and bracelets for added impact.
Two finger rings: If hand harness is a bit of too much drama for you and you still want attention on your mehendi laden hands then try the two finger ring trend .

Try the connected and jewelled two finger knuckle ring on your sangeet and grab eyeballs right onto your finger, no worries if your dance moves are a bit flawed ;) . This ring trend is a sure shot winner because you can always use the jewelry later on to style your ethnic outfits. If two finger ring is a bit too much for you to try on your sangeet what with all the dancing involved then try it at your chuda ceremony.

Which peppy jewelry trend are you trying out at your wedding?

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  1. I love the head piece but I think I won't be able to carry that well. I adore hath phool I have two and I love them. I could not buy two finger rings but it's on my list. :) Thanks for the tips.

    1. Do try the multi finger rings. You will LOVE them! :D

  2. I would suggest girls to wear head chains on traditional occasions!!! They look royal & in trend nowadays.
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