4 Peppy Sarees You Can Wear On Valentine's Day


Sarees are a favorite all over India and you can never get enough of appreciating the sheer beauty of this 6 yards of elegance. They give the perfect seductive look, if worn right.

So this Valentine's day, why not make a statement by wearing a saree to your date?! It's something which no one will ever expect and if you get it right, he won't be able to get his eyes off you! ;) If you are a saree lover, or if you just want to look different, there's no need to have second thoughts on wearing a saree for this love season.

One thing to keep in mind while wearing a saree for a western themed day is that you should minimize the bling. If you chose an extra blingy saree, it will look more like a wedding outfit than a party/date outfit! A little bling here and there will do great but just remember not to over do it.

Here are 4 Peppy Types Of Sarees You Can wear On Valentine's Day or just any western themed Occasion:

The Gown Saree:

This is just a gown extended into a saree. Another beautiful type of saree which will be perfect for a date! It will give you a dreamy fairytale effect. Gown saree will be perfect for any party. There are many options for gown sarees available by Indian designers. If you don't want to spend too much yet get the look than DIY it. Just wear a gown you own and drape a dupatta of the exact coulour as your gown around the bust like a saree's Pallu. This is something you should definitely try.

The Cape saree:

Cape sarees are the current rage and the classiest choice for any occasion! Many Bollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing these beauties. This saree is my favorite among them all. It's just so classy and irresistible - perfect for a Valentine's day date!

The Pant Saree:

This is one of the most unique saree drapes which gives you a very different Indo-western look. It's nothing but a saree draped over a pant in such a way that a portion of the pants is shown. The main plus point of this saree is that you won't feel uncomfortable at all and you don't have to be pleats-conscious all the time. You can DIY it using a pant and contrasting dupatta. This will surely be a unique choice!

The Slit Saree:

Can't think of anything else which will be more suitable for a western themed occasion! A slit can magically transform your otherwise traditional saree into a sexy western one. Don't go overboard with the slit, keep it sweet yet sexy. You can also pair this slit saree with an interesting blouse and smokey eye makeup for an oomph factor which will just add to your beauty!

Wear these unique sarees on Valentine's day and leave everyone dazed! ;) For any styling tips, ping me. Always ready to help!

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  1. I will love to wear gown saree :)

  2. The cape one looks like a new trend. I wish to wear a saree like that. :)


  3. This is one of the most unique saree .
    all saree are very beautiful .

  4. Dear Bushra,

    thank you so much for this impressions. I like the slit saree very much. But I wonder how to drape it. May I ask you for advice how to drape a saree, so that it looks like a slit saree? Do I need a particular petticoat for the slit saree? And what about the saree fabric?
    Thank you in advance!
    Yours deeply

  5. Hello,
    Nice information of Saree which is shared by you. We also want to draw your attention towards Cape Saree Styles: Top 6 Modern Cape Saree Blouse Looks Will Give You Gorgeous Traditional Look #capesaree #capesareeblouse #capewithsaree

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