5 Fantastico Ways To Use Honey In Your Beauty Routine


Pure honey has a lot of beauty benefits on both skin and hair. my dad is diabetic and has completely replaced sugar with honey and the results are amazing. Pure natural honey is always available in stock at my home and this has helped me discover new ways to include honey in my beauty routine.

Honey is know to have anti bacterial properties and is richly hydrating making it ideal for hair and skin. Honey can easily be included in your beauty routine irrespective of your skin type because it is known to suit people of all skin types.

Here are a few simple ways i use honey in:

Honey Lip scrub: I have dry lips which get chapped easily and I need to regularly keep scrubbing my lips . My very own DIY honey lip scrub works best for me.  I just mix powdered Brown sugar, honey and some drops of olive oil and tada home made lip scrub is ready in seconds. I make this DIY scrub for entire week and store in refrigerator. Light lip scrubbing on alternate days works best for me.

Honey Papaya Face pack : I am not a face packs person but with honey I am open to exploring and experimenting. Papaya is rich in vitamin A and is very beneficial for skin. I just mash a piece of seedless papaya and one spoon of honey together in a bowl and apply it on my cleansed face. After about 20 minutes I wash off with warm water to reveal instant glowing skin.

Honey cleanser : Honey is a natural cleanser and is best suited to cleanse acne prone skin as it keep bacteria away . Just take a spoon of honey on your palms and massage into your face in circular motion, leave for 2-5 minutes and then wash off to reveal nourished, soft clean skin. Simple right? Honey is best way to cleanse your face because using soaps strips your skin of essential natural oils and moisture. Go give this  a try especially if  your skin is fighting the acne battle.

Honey olive oil hair pack : Honey adds shine to dull dry hair and you can use it like a natural conditioner after shampooing your hair. Mix olive oil and honey in a bowl and apply to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off for naturally conditioned shiny hair.

Milk cream and Honey for moisturized skin: Honey is very hydrating and using it as a moisturizer works beautifully in winters. Mix equal parts of honey and milk cream and apply on face . Wash off after  5 minutes to reveal hydrated and glowing skin.

Honey to loose weight: This isn't exactly a beauty routine but staying fit and healthy is all a part of beauty right? My brother who is on a weight loosing spree is on a honey diet cutting down on sugar intake . My brother also mixes honey and lemon juice in a glass warm water and drinks it  every morning on empty stomach. This helps in flushing out fat.

When using honey in your beauty routine it is best to stick to raw organic honey . My dad sources honey from local bee keepers and this honey is loaded with natural goodness which is mostly absent in store brought pasteurized honey. If you need help getting pure honey at affordable rates then mail me, I will be happy to help.

Stay beautiful, Keep Glowing... :)

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