5 Fantastico Ways To Use Rose Water


A beauty magazine I read some 5 years back stressed  on following the Cleanse- Tone-Moisturize routine. Cleansing and moisturizing part I have always followed religiously and it is the toning bit which I have never really given importance to.  Years back My skin was fresh dewy and behaved amazingly but off late age is catching up along with pollution and exposure to sun and all of it is reflecting even on my skin so i decided to add a toner to my beauty routine. It was On my hunt for the perfect toner that I was introduced to pure steam distilled rose water and now I use rose water in several different ways and not just as a toner.
I hate strong fragrances as I have a sensitive nose but the fresh scent of roses always always cheers me up. The delicate fresh scent of rose water surprisingly suits my olfactory and here I list to you 5 fantastico ways I use rose water in:

As a Toner : This is my most abused way to use the rose water . It helps balance skin’s pH balance and most skin toners available in the market already use rose water as an ingredient. I did some research and realized there is nothing better than using pure rose water for a face toner . I have rose water stored in a bottle with spray dispenser which i sprinkle after cleansing and wipe off with a cotton ball. This works beautifully on my dry skin.

As a Fragrance : Like I already mentioned I am allergic to strong fragrances and stay away from them  and when i need some light scented  perfume rose water is what i turn to . The fragrance of rose water is refreshing and soft just like real rose petals but  the problem is the floral scent doesn't last long and needs frequent reapplication.

In a face pack: Rose water is known to hydrate, moisturize and calm the skin and is used in many DIY face packs to keep skin glowing and healthy. I mix rose water with besan and apply on my face once a week for hydrated clear skin. You can even try the rose water and honey pack.

In Custard and Gulab Jamun:  I am a foodie and can never resist desserts. I love making custard and gulab jamuns and I always add some drops of rose water to these desserts as it gives a distinct flavour and light scent. You need to be careful to not go over broad with this as  too much of strong rose water can end up spoiling your dessert.

As a scented Hair wash : Rose water has beauty benefits not only for the skin but also to your hair. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I wash my hair with diluted version of rose water for a light scent in my hair after bath. Scented hair products itch my delicate nose and rose water works best for me and it also gives my dry hair some much needed shine.

In what different ways do you use rose water?

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  1. That a nice post Bushra. I have been using Rose water as a toner. During winter I mix it with lemon juice & glycerin. I shall try the other usage you have mentioned in the post

  2. Probably dabur rose wate ris not good choice. Rose hydrosol can be a great organic option. Dabur one says it has added fragrance and essence not 100% rose water. Great tips by the way!


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