5 Bollywood Movies which Impacted my Life


I am a total Bollywood person having grown up watching Hindi movies. These days i do venture into cinema from Hollywood and Tollywood but it is always Bollywood which impact me the most .  I love how Bollywood movies are a complete package with song, dance, drama, fun, colour and emotions.

I rely on Bollywood to entertain myself and enjoy all the mindless comedies and larger than life stories .  Every Bollywood story comes with a lesson packed in it, some lessons are light hearted ones encouraging you to go all out and enjoy every moment of life while other are deep, motivating and impacting you for all your life. Here are 5 such movies which have impacted my life and motivated me to stay focused and follow my dreams.

Chak De India: A die hard Shahrukh Khan fan i have always watched his movies as soon as it hits the theaters. Chak de india came when i was in school and preparing for my final exams. I was always told by my teachers and my siblings that i had the potential to top the class and had to just focus a little more on my studies and work a little more harder. I never took them seriously but watching chak de India totally changed my attitude towards my studies and motivated me into putting in extra efforts to get on a winning ride. The results were amazing i ended up with the best student of the year award.

Rang De Basanti: This is one movie which moved me deeply , the emotions and issues raised in the movie connected deeply with me. I will make a confession here, I did end up shedding tears while watching this movie . the confession aside rang de basanti inspired me to stop being the passive onlooker and to stand up for what I think is right. There is no point blaming anyone, if we want a change we need to work for it.

Zindagi Na milegi dobara: The title of this movie is enough to inspire anyone. you have one life, live every moment of it to full . This movie came at a time when my life was a boring mess and 3 days after watching the movie a vacation with my siblings was planned to bring life back on the fun track.

Swadesh: Another gem of a movie from king khan, wonder why he doesn't experiment and make movies like these now a days. Anyway , remember when teachers asked what will u become when you grow up? I always answered a software engineer who will work in USA , swadesh changed things for me. This movie helped me value my roots and be be proud of my nation. Today i have no desire of travelling to USA or any other country and indulging in brain drain, #MakeInIndia is my mantra.

Jab we met: If there is one movie i can watch a hundred times and still not get bored it is Jab We Met. The movie is refreshing and cute romantic tale with simple life lessons packed in plenty.The messages in the movie include enjoying every moment of life , making your own life choices and being responsible for choices you make. The most important life lesson this movie has thought me is of loving myself with all my flaws, like Geet even i now say " mein Apni Favorite Hoon' because if you cant love yourself how can you expect other to love you?

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