5 New Peppy Ways To Style The Saree


Saree is one very versatile garment which can be wore in multiple ways and on multiple occasions. Be it a wedding or a party you can play it safe and opt for a saree but draping the saree in the same way every single time can get boring reflecting poorly on your style mantra. Like every other piece of fashion, even our very own saree has been re-invented and revamped to suit latest tastes, trends and times.

Indian fashion designers have pepped up this sensuous garment and given it some quirky modern twists on the ramp. Here lets explore 5 peppy and edgy ways to style the traditional Indian saree.

Saree with a belt: Adding a belt to your dress can accentuate your curves and this trick works well even with your saree. Adding a belt to your saree is a hot trend these days and gives your traditional saree a fusion vibe. The belt can be wide or thin, jeweled , metallic, printed or even leather, just get experimental and create your own style statement.
expert Tip:  Use a printed or a contrast coloured belt to break a monochrome saree and blouse look. Use embellished or jeweled belts with plain sarees for added impact.
 where to wear: To a cocktail, your friends reception

The Dhoti saree : This is a drape which sonam Kapoor has flaunted more than once. Dhoti pants are quite popular with women these days and now we have the dhoti saree which is an extension of dhoti pants with a pallu. In this saree drape the tradition petticoat is ditched and saree is draped over tights
Where to wear : to a party. Choose a lightweight saree and add a statement piece of accessory which will help the offbeat saree drape grab all the attention

Saree gowns: Saree gowns are a favorite with young women these days as they are super easy to wear. The culmination of the Indian saree and western gown makes for amazing east-meets-west attire. The saree gown is pre-stitched so you don't have to worry about getting the drape right, just slip into one and party on!
Where to wear: Parties, receptions and even sangeet ceremonies. This silhoutte fits almost everywhere.

The Pant style Saree: In this drape style the saree is draped over a pant , legging or even trousers instead of a petticoat for a quirky look with a indian touch. You can go in for pants in contrasting colours to add drama or in colors similar to your saree for a simpler effect.
Expert tip: experiment with your blouse style and pallu drapes when wearing a pant saree for more impact.
where to wear: To parties . At a recnt wedding I spotted a sister-of-bride wearing a pant saree and she sure looked fabulous!

The Jacket Saree: This is the best way to style your saree in winters. Skip your blouse and add in a jacket instead. Experiment with jacket style and colours. Silk, phulkari, sheer cape style jackets are all amazing options. If layering is your thing then don't skip your blouse and add the jacket over your saree instead.
Expert tip: If you want to try this style in summer go in for sleeveless jackets like nehru jackets or sheer jackets. Ty experimenting with collars . A peter pan collar blouse will add a lot of fun vibe to your look.
 where to wear: To the next winter weding you attend or an official do.

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