5 Winter Skin Care Tips For Peppy Skin


It's that time of the year when all you want to do is cuddle in your bed under warm blankets or have steaming hot coffee with Mom made Pakodas. Winter has it's draw backs too, for instance, it's when your skin is most prone to breakouts and needs the utmost care.

My super sensitive skin drops a few notches more in the sensitivity level during winters and taking care of it becomes a priority. Not only skin but your hair too needs the right care during winters as that's when it suffers the most hair fall and frizziness. It should be oiled regularly and not left exposed to the pollution. We will start with discussing winter skin care tips today.

Here are five skin care tips to keep your skin Peppy and full of life during winters!:

1. Cleanse with caution:
Like any other season, your skin needs cleansing during winters too. Just remember not to go over-board with the cleansing as it will irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Use a mild cleanser which is not very harsh on your skin. Many brands have come up with moisturizing cleansers, you can use one of those. You can also use a cleanser which comes with Aloe Vera, it will really benefit your skin.

2. Moisturize, moisturize & moisturize more!:
Moisturizing works like magic for your skin. Keep the breakouts at bay but moisturizing extensively. Oil-based moisturizers are best for winters as they provide more care than water-based moisturizers. The oil will give extra care by providing a protective layer on your skin. For face choose a 'non-clogging' oil based formula as normal oil based moisturizers don't go well. For rest of the body you can use any oil-based moisturizer.

3. Cut your time in the bath:
Yes, stop taking too long baths. Make it as quick as possible because a long bath in the winters can drain all the moisture in your skin. Also, avoid super hot water baths. Let the water be a little more than warm and just that. Very hot water baths in winters sound very appealing but they will just scrape all the moisture and essential oils out of your skin.

4. Avoid chapped lips by using Tooth Brush:
Lips have the most vulnerable skin which is prone to cracking. You can avoid this by brushing off the dead skin on your lips with the use of a tooth brush. After brushing your teeth, lightly brush off the skin on your lips. This will do wonders!

5. Do NOT stop using sunscreen:
It's a myth that sunscreens are only for summers. Wear sunscreen religiously even in winters. Exposure to the sun leads to fast ageing and I don't think anyone of us wants that! So cold or hot, dusk or dark, sun  or not, use sunscreen... always.

Use the above tips to make sure your skin doesn't lose its luster and remains peppy and gorgeous throughout Winter!

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  1. Great tips sweetie... but you have no idea what a lazy bum I am :-p
    Thanks for sharing... :-)

  2. Yes indeed, very helpful tips.

  3. I follow all the tips except wearing sunscreen because at the most I get tanned and tanning is an insurance that I am getting Vitamin D which is vital to avoid depression especially during winter season.

  4. I agree with all tips, Moisturiser and sun screen these both are very important in winter. They should be in your pocket always. Protect yourself from wind and cover your face otherwise it can increase your dryness, as resultant you can get many skin problems.


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