7 Fantastico & Chic Ways To Style Your Ears


My love for finger rings is known to all and if there is a jewelry which comes close to my love for rings it is earrings. I have a pretty huge collection of earrings but most of these are danglers which are heavy and will mostly suit Indian wear so I wanted to try new earring trends which will suit both western and Indian attire. I have experimented a lot when it comes to ears in the recent times and here are 7 fantastico ways to dress up your ears.

Double side studs : Pearl studs are so my thing and when this trend was spotted on Deepika Padukone I couldn't wait to try it. Dior launched this trend and cheap replicas are now sold almost everywhere(even on Amazon, flipkart and ebay) I have 4 pairs of these trendy double sided studs in my jewelry box and they are my most abused(most used) ear jewelry. I flaunt these beauties with skirts, pants and even kurtis . The best thing about this earring trend is that they are chic and trendy without compromising on comfort and every girl should have at least one pair of these in her stash!

Style Tip: With western attire go for a side parted hair do and flaunt a double side stud in one ear keeping the other bare.

Ear cuffs: The raging hot earring trend , ear cuffs are now available in a variety of shapes and designs . You have the dangling feather cuffs, pearl cuffs, chain cuffs, studded cuffs, spiked cuffs and  a lot more options to choose from to suit your outfit. Many ear cuffs these days don't require ears to be pierced and those are ideal for women who prefer clip-on earrings.

Chand balis : Jhumkas are a quite old trend, Chand balis are the new way to style your ethnic outfits. Half moon style earrings studded with stones and pearls from the city of Nizams, chand balis are everywhere thanks to Deepika padukone, flaunting them in the movie Ram Leela. These earrings are now available in variety of colours shapes and sizes to suit your occasion and outfit. I suggest you have one pair in gold and one pair in silver to go with majority of your ethnic outfits.
Style Tip: Go for huge Chand balis with pearl danglers and skip your neck piece. Let your earrings do all the talking.

Mismatched earrings : Matching earrings on both your ears isn't the norm anymore. Make your own rules and try the mismatched earring trend. Mismatched earrings is a trend I did not warm up to easily but they look quite striking and quirky . Mismatched pairs like lock and key or earrings in different colours to match your dress look amazing and can be perfect holiday wear. See how effortlessly Sonam kapoor wears these mismatched earrings trend, creating a huge impact.

Fringe earrings : Fringe is in trend and fringe earrings are a fuss free subtle way to rock this trend. More like Tassle earrings, the fringe earrings are easy to style and availability isn't an issue too. You can style these pair of earrings with both western and Indian wear.

Style Tip: Wear with a high ponytail or a hair tried in a messy bun for more impact.

Single earring : You have both ears pierced but who says wearing earrings in both is a necessity? Ditch the rules and wear just one earring leaving the other one bare. This trend works best with quirky western or fusion wear. I recently lost  one earring from my double sided stud and now I am using the other earring to rock this trend, you can do the same. Dangling ear cuffs in one ear also works well with this trend.

Feather Earrings: Like long earrings but hate how heavy they are? Well the feather earrings are for you then. Comfortable, light and quirky, feather earrings are all that and more. I have a pair of  peacock feather earrings and I wear them every time I want to keep my ear lobes comfortable and light and still end up grabbing a lot of attention.

All these are total must haves for a peppy look!

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