Amazon End Of Season Sale ~ My Fantastico Loot


What is happiness to you?

For me, it's a sale! A BIG FAT sale which spoils me and burns up all my restraint of not shopping too much. Sales are a great source of happiness, they excite me and build amazing feelings inside me especially when I get a very good bargain.

Where there's a sale, there's me. Simple.

Flipkart is a blessing for me because it keeps quenching my thirst for sales from time to time by offering fantastico sales but after the second Big Billion day, all the good offers stopped abruptly or I was just not fast enough to grab the best deals which flew away within a matter of minutes.

That's when I started stalking more. Amazon is another craze for me but my only disappointment was that they never kept thrilling sales. Every time there was a sale I used to compare the prices and find the deals not worth it... until one day.

The blessing came in the form of a fantastico 'End of season sale' and when it did, there was no end to my joy! I shopped like a hungry lioness just out of her cage. :D *exaggeration queen*

70% of my shopping was through Amazon's mobile site and I got 10% cashback for it because I shopped through *lungi dance* The other 30% was from the app and the desktop site.
There was a stunning 70% off plus EXTRA 30% off on the majority of the products I bought. I looted the whole apparel store buying more than I would ever need in this sweet life. *I bougth more from Flipkart just yesterday* I downloaded the DesiDime app and I must say that it has spoilt me. During the past month I have shopped from every other sale.

When my conscience kicked in and I felt I was buying too much for myself I quickly stopped... only to start buying for others! :D *LOLs* I actually thought of people whom I owed a gift and bought for them. My nephew was lucky when there was a sale on toys. I bought many toys for him, some of which are already destroyed. *brat*

Amazon was too quick in the delivery, making my smile wider. When the parcels arrived... My Mom was throwing me dangerous looks but she didn't mind later as I showed her what I had bougth for her. *winks* Now my wardrobe is overflowing with kurtis and dresses and I even stored half of them in my spare wardrobe and under the bed.
I thought of going on a shopping ban but Flipkart chose the same time to drop one bomb of a sale again. *so much for self-restraint* But I have been a good girl, *not sharing in what way* so I think I totally deserve these little treats of life from the almighty! *grin*

Here's a little review of my shopping experience on
Just a few months back, majority of my shopping was done from Flipkart alone. The reason being, I just didn't want to take any risks and was skeptical about trusting any other e-commerce websites. But Amazon was an instant surprise. I have simply fallen in love with it since my first purchase. The best service I love about Amazon which is not available on Flipkart is that Amazon has a return policy for lingerie too! The minus point is, Amazon does not have an exchange policy at all. You can return the product but can't exchange it. Apart from that, Amazon has some lovely sales which are irresistible! :D

Dear next sale,
Wherever you are, I'll find you! ;)

P.S: Didn't get to click pictures of all the products as I was too busy trying them out! Maybe next time I'll make that effort.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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