An Encounter With My Secret Santa


This is one of those incidents of my life which is insanely hilarious and at the same time, painful and dark. It's something I still have hard time believing and which left a deep impact on my attitude towards teachers.

During my college days, my English Sir, a very wise man for his young age kept saying that "A student and a teacher should never be friends." Every time he said this, a sharp memory, dating back to my high school, would sting my heart and make me nostalgic. While other's objected with this statement made by him, I for once knew that he was darkly right.

Christmas was one of the most awaited occasions at my school not only because of all the obvious cheer but also for the fact that it was the time of the year when every student received gifts form the school. Add some snacks and games like Secret Santa to it and it was simply irresistible!

In my tenth grade, I was appointed as the captain of our school, an honour I'll cherish all my life. As it was out last year, it was the rule of our school that during Christmas the tenth standard students played Secret Santa with the teachers of the school in order to build friendly relations.

As fate had it, I picked up the chit with the name of the teacher I disliked the most who didn't teach our class too. She was a primary school English teacher and the most *sorry for being rude* snobbish and pompous one I have ever met in my entire life! She used to scream like a banshee for the silliest of reasons and keep calling us rude names *the English version ones* and messing with our class for no reason. Sometimes I got the hint that she was a banshee and you won't believe it but she had a throat pain and went voiceless every other day because she screamed so much!

 All my card making skills and gift giving ideas were going in the drain. Shit. Anyways, as I didn't have any choice, I did my best to conceal my dislike for her and sent her sweet 'guess me' cards instead... until one day that is.

It was a crazy day when I was experiencing a mood swing and was at my weirdest of behaviors. I was all chirpy and a bit mischievous. When I picked up the card I had myself made for this teacher, I made an attempt to write her a poem and when I didn't get any good rhymes for the last line.. I wrote:

"...and please STOP screaming your lungs out on students. Try smiling. Keep Smiling. :)"

I wrote it all in good humour and even handed the card to a messenger with a chocolate to be given to my secret Santa. Only when that kid had left with the card did I realize that maybe I just went a little overboard. But I reminded myself of the chocolate and shrugged.

Lunch passed.

Nothing happened.

I started to calm myself when suddenly in the middle of our Maths class, the headmistress alongside my class teacher walked in holding the card I had made with my pretty little hands. I stared at it. Oh no.

The headmistress made the whole class stand and gave a good ten minutes lecture about respecting your teachers before jumping to the question -

"Who is this teacher's Secret Santa?"

I was too numb to talk. My best friend knew exactly who my sweetest Santa was and I could hear her giggles and seldom "Tell na Bush!" whispers.

The hilarious part was, my teacher made all the girls sit as she thought we could never commit such a crime. She started picking up famous bully boys of our class and threatening them to spill out the truth. Turns out, I was not the only one who had a distaste for this teacher. Then finally the cat was out and for a moment the whole school went quiet.

I was reputed to be one of their most disciplined students, maybe that was why they crowned me 'Captain'. But hey! We all have crazy little devils hidden inside us, don't we?! :'(

The only thing my teacher told me was " I didn't expect this from you Bushra" before she left. This in itself was the loudest and heaviest punishment - the disappointment in my favorite teacher's eyes killed me.

That incident left a great impact on me. The lesson it thought me was to not be too open about my feelings to others. Sometimes it's best to just fake it, for the sake of your loved ones!

...and as for that card, the teacher didn't stop screaming and about the smiling part, well... don't know about her but the whole class laughed their hearts out after all the teachers were gone. They saw this new side of me for the first time and to my amusement, some guys even called me a daring hero. I had a crush on one of them so.. the whole thing didn't seem really that bad! *winks*

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