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In 2015 the color coral was one of the most eclebrated shades ! Everything from jewellery to bags to dresses had this sweet color ! Fashionistas picked up this color to mix and match with their moods and outfits. This color is not only pretty but also has an element of peppiness in it! Many paint companies have also clamied the sale of coral reef colored paint the most during the previous year! People are open to experimenting and have chosen this color for their interiors and designing their homes!
Its a warm fun shade blending the best of pink and orange. For as bright and vibrant as this color is, it is also extremely versatile. Women all over the world own several things i this color and many celebrities have been sighted dressed up in this color.
A lot of young and carefree girls consider this color to be unadulterated, fun, youthful , peppy and full of innocence. I expect to more of sweet corals on clothing, footwear, bags and jewelry even in 2016!Considered as a pretty girly-gal color, it is a subtle choice for many women out there wanted to dress peppy for parties and outings.
Peppy hues of the color coral conjure images of beaches, bikinis, and sweet peaches. Women love blushing shades of this pinky-orange hue because they flatter all skin tones( Yes they suit even the Indian skin tone! :D. ) One can easily pair coral with black for a bold look, or layer with pure white or soft neutrals to amp up the sophistication.
A few of my favorite buys in this peppy color include
Dresses in sweet coral hues:
coral dresses
The color is pure love when it comes shirts, kurtis , gowns and dresses ! The most beautiful buy was a coral gown which off unfortunately I have no photos . Fashionistas pick up this color and pair them with dark colors to make a style statement!
Coral shaded jewellery:
coral jewellery
Jewellery with coral hues is another upcoming trend , Pretty bangles with coral , gold and white hues is my top favorite buy from the Pari and staement rings in this color also make up for a peppy outing!
Coral Handbags:
coral bag
This bag is in a beautiful coral shade color and goes well with many of my peppy outfits!
Coral makeup :
coral makeup
Makeup in coral hues is the rage this season for this shade is pretty and blushes in this color give the face the correct blushing color ! Lipsticks, nailpainsta and blushes in this color are hot and trending!
Coral colored Flowers:
coral flowers
South indians love decorating their hair with this colored flowers be it roses in coral or this !They look supersweet when worn as a hair accessory and go well with half sarees and other ethnic wear!
The peppy and fun color when matched with bolder colors such as turquoise and mint green give the whole outfit a posh feel! More and more people have taken a liking for this fun and high spirited color and have included it in their fashion and home decor to create a bold statement!

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  1. Never knew this is called Coral. It is a perfect color for Spring...very vibrant indeed!

    1. Yes. It's the present craze among women. :D

  2. Coral is one of my favorite shades of spring, so soothing, refreshing yet peppy! Your accessories in coral are amazing. :)


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