Fantastico Home Remedies For Chapped Lips


Lip balms are blessings in disguise, especially during winters. Lips are made of the most delicate skin which can get irritated and chapped with the slightest of discomforts. Even a simple licking habit can cause chapped lips. If your lips get chapped twice on a normal day, it's just ten times more worse during winters.

I have at least a collection of 8 to 10 drugstore lip balms in my stash but I feel I still don't own the best during winters. That's when I reach out to natural remedies to cure my chapped lips.

I own lip balms from brands like Nivea, Meybelline, Revlon, Oxy glow and even H2O but they are not hydrating enough at times. I keep trying out new brands but haven't found my HG lip balm yet!

Anyways, I am very careless with my lip balms and leave them wherever I use them so they magically vanish just like that and the moment I need one the most ~BOOM~ there are none!! This is annoying beyond compare and that's another reason why I often use these wonderful substitutes readily available in my kitchen.

Here are those fantastico home remedies which work wonders for chapped lips:

Olive oil:
This is one hell of a magic oil which has healing powers for almost all ailments. You will be shocked to register but it has at least 200 uses in beauty and health. It's one of those lucky charms which also bagged it self a mention in the Holy Quran for its amazing qualities. I always have it stocked in my kitchen as my father loves this oil. So whenever I have chapped lips and can't locate any of my lip balms or just want something which works better than the chemical lip balms, I reach out to olive oil!

Desi Ghee:
I knew of benefits of ghee for lips when I was in my schooling days. One of my teachers kept prodding us to ditch use of chemicals on lips and use desi ghee instead. If you don't have the 'desi' version, a normal packet ghee will do good too. Take just a few drops and apply on your lips. Keep reapplying after a span of time as it will just fade away or you will lick it yourself.

Another stunner of creations of the Almighty! This genius was what cured me of one of the biggest ailments in my life which even big neurologists in fancy hospitals couldn't cure. I really love honey and include it in my beauty regime often. Honey works very good for chapped lips too.

Coconut oil:
This is something which everyone has readily available at home. Another stunning oil which has amazing healing powers! Coconut oil not only nourishes lips but also prevents them from getting chapped. Another plus point is, it reduces lip tan! :)

Take care of that pout!

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  1. Such useful recipes... loved them all right from Grandma's kitchen. :)


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