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I am a fashion addict and I constantly keep a tab on who is wearing what, especially Bollywood celebs on fashion portal HighheelConfidential. Yesterday I was browsing through their glossy pages catching up on who wore what to the recently held Filmfare awards and in between all the red carpet fashion was this beautiful lady called Natasha Poonawala looking like a million bucks attending an event. Natasha is a beautiful woman with an amazing sense of fashion and her looking fit and fabulous shouldn't come as a surprise but it did, the reason being her recent pregnancy! The woman had a baby shower like 2 months back and has now delivered her baby and back to being her usual fit self all in such a short span. how very fantastico is that?

This new year I had a resolution, to loose weight. I know, a very boring and a common resolution to have but I have put on a lot of weight and I can't fit into my pretty dresses anymore and loosing weight is now a priority for me. When I spotted Natasha Poonawala with such a fit and a slim body post motherhood I knew I could do it too and why couldn't I? Many of  my favourite Bollywood actresses have done it in the past too. With this post I aim to dump my laziness away and inspire myself and some of my blog readers to get fit .
Zaraine Khan:  Zaraine khan was dubbed as the fatter version of Katrina kaif when she entered Bollywood but couple of years later she went on to loose all the flab and today looks fantastico with a fit body. I must say that she is the biggest inspiration, I mean just look at her picture!

Sonam Kapoor: The fashionista whose style experiments are talk of the town, knocked down 30 kilos before entering Bollywood with her debut film Saawariya. Sonam weighed around 95 kilos all thanks to junk food but when her eyes were set on mission Bollywood, there was no stopping her from her journey to gorgeousness.
Sonakshi Sinha: Sonakshi's fat to Fantastico story is truly inspiring. From weighing over 90 kgs prior to Dabang to her super sensuous transformation post Lootera, this actress has lost oodles of weight and is now one of the most in demand Bollywood actress. Love her transformation!

Parineeti Chopra: Before entering Bollywood, Parineeti Chopra used to weigh 86 kilos. This bubbly actress who lights up the screens and steals the spotlight with her amazing acting skills, lost weight for her debut movie but that was not enough . Parineeti has accepted in her interviews about her love for food but she wants to compete with all good looking actress in the industry and took the challenge to loose more weight. Today this lass flaunted her curves and her well toned body.

Esha Deol : This 'Dhoom' diva sizzled in a bikini but she wasn't always this slim and fit. Just watch Esha deol's avatar in her debut film and you will know the difference. She didn't make it big in Bollywood like her legend of a Mom, Hema Malini, but she did make sure that she looked peppy through her entire career, short or not!

Alia Bhat: 3 months is all it took Alia Bhat to loose 16 kgs when she was finalized for the cast of her debut film Student of The year . Determination and staying focused can take you places I must say!

These actresses may have shed the flab to look good on screen but I want to loose weight to stay fit, fantastico and healthy. Do you also have fitness goals for 2016? Which actress inspires you the most?

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