Five Fantastico Ways To Get Rid Of Writer's Block


When you write too much or read too much or for whatever reason, you experience something called the 'writer's block' and it's a very irritating situation to be in..

Introduction to Writer's Block:
New to blogging? Not aware of the term? No problem, let me introduce you!

Writer's block is nothing but the state of mind where a person develops the inability to write. It's where you go completely blank whenever you sit on your desk and are clueless about what to write.

Now, let alone writing, what happens when you build a strange allergy towards the whole concept of blogging itself? You don't want to blog, nor do you want to read blogs or even giving your blog anonymous visits turns tough - Be alert, that's a red signal! That is nothing but 'Blogger's Block' and it has to be cured asap!

Here are five steps you can take to overcome both Writer's Block and Blogger's Block:

1. Stop using your social media profiles for a while:
You might not understand this but too much of social media can be discouraging for writing especially websites like Twitter where long paragraphs are discouraged. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, whatever you are addicted to, just stop using it for a while and instead interact with your friends/family in person.

2. Read an inspiring book:
80% of inspiration for writing something comes from reading what others have written. But you have to be careful about what you read specially when you are suffering from a writer's block as even a single negative thought can discourage you further. Read new fiction from your favorite authors or simply reread books like Harry Potter.

3. Do some exercise:
Exercise is a proven method to fix many problems, be it physical or mental. Once there's some fresh blood circulation in the body, your mind will feel rejuvenated and you will get ideas to write.

4. Force yourself to write:
Majority of the times, the writer's block situation is just in the mind. We feel we cannot write when we don't even attempt to sit with our book/laptop. Take a paper and force yourself to write.. write anything and build up on that sentence. You will know for yourself that it's not really hard!

5. Watch an inspiring movie:

Movies are famed to instantly influence the brain and watching some good, inspiring ones will surely get you motivated to write!
Bollywood movies like Chak De India, Rang De Basanti and Udaan will be lovely choices to inspire and stir up that writer in you!

So, try these five fantastico ways and you will be able to easily come out of your 'writer's block'. The best part is, you will not only write but write like never before! :)

Never giving up on the lovely art of writing!

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