Five Funny and Fantastico Characters Bollywood Has Given Us


Slightly modifying the famous dialogue from 'The Dirty Picture', I would say: Zindagi ka pass time sirf teen cheezon se hota hai: Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

Life without Entertainment is simply unimaginable. In this mad everyday rush of the world, the only thing which keeps you going and keeps filling you with renewed zest is entertainment!

Bollywood has entertained us Indians and even a huge population of Non-Indians for a long time now. There are choices for watching movies from every genre. While the love stories category has the biggest number of productions every year, the genre that tops the list and is loved by all kinds of audience is - HUMOUR!

If a film makes you laugh, it's a total paisa wasool and steal deal! I for once do not care about the script much, unless it's a Rom-com one, the main priority is it's power to make me laugh!

After a long day at work, you don't want to come home to watch a dark and dingy critically acclaimed film. At least not me, that's just not my forte`!

A hilarious film is always a treat and thanks to Bollywood, we have some amazing funny film characters who are praised even today and will be remembered by people forever!

Let's take a look at the Top 5 funny and totally fantastico Bollywood characters EVER!
  • Babu Bhaiya aka 'Baburao Ganpatrao Apte' from Hera Pheri:
(Source: YouTube/Goldmine Films)
Paresh Rawal is simply a stunner! The movie Hera Pheri made India proud to have such amazing actors like Paresh Rawal in the film industry. This character is simply superb and has the power to throw you into fits of laughter and get your stomach aching with his virtual and actions verbal skill.
  • Circuit from Munna Bhai MBBS:
Another character is Munna Bhai's sidekick, Circuit who thrills his audience with his dialogues and performance. Unlike other ugly looking comedians, this character has got SWAG! This is one of the hottest comedian character ever, I must say! ;)
  • Chota Pandit From Bhool Bhulaiyya:
Just thinking about Chotu Pandit in the movie Bhool Bhulaiya get's me laughing. There's one 'lota' seen in the movie which is splendid. I nearly fainted laughing in that seen! :D This character is very different from others and one which will surely tickle your bones!
  • Chota Chatri from Awara Paagal Deewana:
(Source: YouTube/rantingraj
Awara Paagal Deewana is probably one of the Bollywood movies which gained more fame due to its funny characters than the script. Jhonny Lever is at his funny best along with Paresh Rawal in this movie making for a great laugh. Another fantastico character!
  • Crime Master Gogo from Andaz Apna Apna:
This character is one of the main source inspiration for all memes today. His Gotiyan dialogue and amazing performance made for a hilarious watch in the movie Andaz apna apna. The movie itself starring Bollywoods Superstars Amair khan and Salman Khan was a stunner. This movie will always remain on my favorites list!

Which one is your favorite? :D Mine is Paresh Rawal and Chota Pandit! Let me know if you likes any other funny Bollywood character!

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P.S: DO watch that 'lota' seen from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyya! :D

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  1. Nice compilation. Out of these, Babu Bhaiya and the bumbling Crime Master Gogo is my favorite. It was hilarious to see the All Time Tharki, Shakti Kapoor in this avatar. :D

    Nice post!

  2. My all time favorite is Paresh Rawal. He is superb. I remember after watching 'Hera Pheri' I became die-hard fan of him.


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