Good Morning or a Gold Morning?


Nothing is more draining than having to wish someone a "good morning" when your morning doesn't really seem good. I have seen many people, especially corporate magnets wish just a 'morning'. This has often got me wondering, would someone really not have enough time to include the short word 'good' in their wishes? But then, the answer for the same lies in the fact that not everyone really has a 'good morning'!!

Mornings are a great blessing of nature, they have the power to fill you with renewed zest. Every ray of sunshine on a morning is a shower of happiness. Every morning is a new opportunity to wake up from your sleep and work on your dreams. Every morning is a fresh start towards your life.

A good start your morning is a good omen towards your whole day. Whereas a bad one is simply a sign that your day will turn into a brooding one. So, the point is, how your every morning starts plays a vital role in your life!

It's natural to wake up smiling on a new day, natural for every morning of a person to be 'good' but have you thought that you could actually turn that 'good morning' into a 'golden' one?!!

My Three Mantras For A Gold Morning:

  • Wake up with a positive Thought:
A pessimist is someone who wakes up to a GOLD morning every day! Build some excitement in your life. Take up a passion and start your day by dedicating a few hours for your passion. Chose a goal in life other than just your regular job. It can be anything from painting to exercise. Pledge to reach your goal and wake up with a smile everyday and a new goal! 

"One positive thought a day can ward off all negativity away and give way to a gold morning!"

  • Coffee:
Yes. Coffee. It's a proven fact that a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up can do wonders to build a person's mood! It doesn't have to be a posh cuppa or a Starbucks special but just something you/your loved one has made with love. This will really turn your good morning into a gold one!

  • Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold:
Colgate India cover
The biggest secret to a golden morning is a fresh and healthy mouth! Even brushing twice a day doesn't stop your mouth from accumulating germs overnight which result in bad odour and many ailments too. A morning can never be good without kick starting it with brushing and the product which easily transfers your good morning into a golden one is Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold tooth brush!

I am using this gorgeous beauty of a tooth brush and must say that it has more to it than just its looks. The performance of this brush is as good as its dashing looks. It's the perfect push of gold goodness to turn your mornings into golden ones! #Colgate360GoldMornings not only caters to your teeth but pampers your gums, tongue and cheeks with freshness.

So these are the three mantra which encourage me to start my mornings with a smile and zest! Do share yours! :)

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