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Before I start the post, let me drop a bombshell: My blog's third anniversary was on the past year's Christmas, i.e, the 25th of December. I don't know what got into me but yes, I didn't even care to honour my blog with a blog post on its big day. *sorry bloggie* :/

But hey! I have never had it for celebrating a certain day as I feel that every day, every moment of life is special. :) So, as late as I am, I am finally here. I thought it would look a bit weird to go celebrating now, after a span of over 15 days, so I am simply carrying on with a blog post. 

Now coming to what got me SO busy that I didn't get time to post on my little bloggie's Budday, yes, you guessed it right ~ SHOPPING! :D
First the Big Billion sale, then the Christmas sale and then the New year sale and finally the ongoing end of season sale, these are the nasty little joys of life which have got me busy. :D

If you want to catch a glimpse of what and all I have bought, head to my Instagram profile @Stilettomaniac

So as it is, a shopping storm will hit this blog and you all will be showered with the sneak peaks of all my lovely buys from the sales! Here's the first post in this series, my cutest, most amazing new year gift to yours truly - Red hot boots!! *whistles*
 Brand: Nell
Colour: Hot Red
Price: 1785/- (I bought them for 535/- i,e. 70% off from Amazon.in!!) *Grins* *Happy dance*
Material: Velvet
Heel Height: 2.5 (I felt it was more when I wore them.)

Superb, comfy and gorgeous looking is how i'll define them! My sister had bought them in black colour a year back at 1500/- something and the same fact makes me jump in joy whenever I think about the price at which I got them for!

I louv them ^_^

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