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jk rowling impact inspirayion
What floods your thoughts when someone asks you who is your hero in life? Who is that one person who impacted your life’s up’s and down’s the most? Well for me a hero is someone who inspires us in every way, is one I can relate to till the end and one who overcomes personal obstacles.
After a lot of thought I think a woman fit this description of mine , which is J.K. Rowling.

About Her Tough Times:
The world famous author struggles through tough times in her life. The worst hit when she was hit by depression and the death of her mom. While penning her first huge success of a book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, J.K. Rowling suffered from clinical depression. I have often heard her saying that the only thing which kept her away from committing suicide was her daughter, Jessica. The woman bravely fought through her depression and proved that people should never give up on finding happiness in life.
How many of you love magic? Everybody who loves magic can swear by her work ! A woman who inspired millions and her work which left us wanting more, JK Rowling is made of great !
To believe in magic, to believe in dreams , to believe in power is something we get to learn from her.
Whenever the term 'Inspiring' pops up in my head my thoughts automatically drift to' Jonathan Kipling Rowling' …

JK Rowling’s impact on people:
Sometimes we end up getting  inspired by things we hardly ever imagined could motivate us. It could be a sibling , a teacher, a counselor, or a friend who showed an act of kindness to us or even a wonderfully written book. Its here when JK Rowling enters the picture.  Her work is legendary and after reading them a million times I began to cultivate a new respect for creative endeavors. I started to dedicate more time and energy in pursuing my goals because I felt proud that I wanted to change after reading the harry potter series.  As a result I became increasingly skilled as a writer and took up the goals set by me in life seriously. Hence there is no denying JK Rowling is the sensational woman behind the Magic of my childhood !

She became a phenomenal woman who bought change and SHOOK the world with her mind boggling WORK !

All those who love Harry Potter books and swear by the magic of the books will agree that the books have helped to rekindle the world’s love of reading. When I was a child I wasn’t much into reading until I started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was ten. Since then, J.K. Rowling’s books have helped me discover not only that reading is fun, but that writing is too. Ever since I read her work I have developed liking towards writing and reading!

From being a depressed single mother to becoming one of the world's most recognized woman for her work! Her story teaches us to never give up on our dreams even in somber days of life. Her passion for her work and fierceness has got not just me but millions across the globe to be inspired!

She is the woman who ran the race and the one who ended up winning the  world ! She’s a true Revolunishta ! A Fantastico woman just like the Fantastico Tata Zica !

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  1. She truly is an inspiring woman. Beatifully written Bushra!

  2. Ahhh...you got the chance to write so many posts. How can you miss Harry potter :P A post completely on Harry is yet to come I suppose ;-)


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