How To Pep Up Your Western Outfit With Henna Mehndi


Henna Mehndi is something which every woman loves to flaunt. It's an age old art which can never go out of fashion. There's something about it which Peps you up and makes you want to keep applying it again an again.

I love this art and don't miss any opportunity to apply it on my hands. It's too fun applying it on your hands and on others too. It's an art I have mastered over the years. On my Sister's wedding, I was the one who applied her Mehendi. I love applying it on others more than I like applying it on myself! :D

Mehndi is worn the most during weddings and festivals. It's a myth that Mehendi looks good only with ethnic wear, the point is, we have never tried it with western wear or simply don't know what designs go well with it.

Here are some tips to wear Henna Mehndi on western wear and give your outfit a Peppy ethnic touch:

Keep it simple yet classy: 
A design which covers your hands fully won't fair well for a western outfit. You have to remember to keep it simple yet classy.

Go Arabic:
Arabic designs suit best for western wear. They are your go to choice for any outfit. the best thing is, they can be worn on both ethnic and western outfits! I love the intricacy of these designs and sleekness.

Apply it only on your Fingers: 
This is the latest trend which is uber cool! Draw this art only on your fingers, leaving the rest of the hand bare to get an instant glam look. There are hundreds of finger design ideas available on the internet. I loved this one:

Go Glitter!:
Glitter Mehendi will be perfect for a western outfit. I can't think of any other design which would go more well with western wear! It's really peppy. All you have to do is draw a simple design using the henna cone and once the colour is transferred in your hand, line the art with glitter. Choose the colour which matched your outfit or you can even chose a contrasting colour. That'll look better! 

Apply it like a Tattoo:
Over the shoulder henna. I know it's not a tat but I love the placement. Down the arm instead of over to the front.:
Mehendi can be used as your most hygienic and skin friendly tattoo. Apply it wherever you are showing a little skin for that extra oomph and sexy look!

Use it like a substitute for a necklace! ;)
This is something which will surely make all those heads turn your way if you can get it right! I simply love the design this woman is wearing in this picture. SO peppy and happening! Love. Love. Love.
Try The Classy Leg Art:
This is another idea which will give you a stunning statement look! Try some bold art like the pic above on your feet. It will really look great with western wear!

So these were some fab ideas to help you team up your western outfit with Henna Mehendi.  You can wear them on a party or better still, on this upcoming Valentine's Day! ;)

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Images taken from ZuriPinterest and Bling Sparkle

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