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Positiveness is the best ingredient to turn your otherwise gloomy life into an amazing one where you can't stop thanking the lord for this life. It's something which will have a great impact on not only you but the people around you too.

Being positive can be addictive, both to you and the people around you. A positive person is like a magnet which attracts hearts. Every heart pines for love and peace and when it locates a positive person, it attracts to it like a magnet. Such is the magnifying impact of positivity!

The main thing which makes up a person's character is his nature and the way he presents himself. If the person is positive matured, you will for sure have a beautiful impact from him and get inspired. Likewise, if the person's a pessimist, there's no chance he'll do any good to your already gloomy life. The worst, his words will coax you into making harsh decisions which you will regret all your life.

My father is my prime source of positiveness. He's so influencing in his nature that even a few minutes spent conversing with him will fill your entire being with renewed zest and a new goal for life. His words can be so addictive that they can make mountains move and turn the coldest of hearts into gold. I am so lucky to have a father like him and can't stop admiring his amazing nature.

My father has had such a great impact on me that I have turned into an optimist myself. Gone are the days when I would whine and cry over every lemon life threw at me. He taught me to take life as a challenge and sustain through the game with a smile, and he taught me this without even actually preaching it. It was his own ideologies and nature that I grasped and made them the soul foundation of my life.

Not only me but my whole family and every person who is acquainted to my Dad has benefited from his positiveness. They all turn up to my Dad whenever there's a problem and as amazing as my Dad is, he helps them sort out their issue with ease. They often tell my Dad how he has had a positive impact on them, to which my father laughs saying it's just the grace of Lord, no special quality of him, and this humility makes them admire him more.

That's the reason it's important to chose who you spend your time with as the person you are closest to, emotionally or physically, has a great impact on you and your nature.

Life is too short to stress over problems. Smile and take them as a challenge. Play with your problems and have fun beating them out of your life. Be positive and have a great impact on others!

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  1. Positivity begets positivity :-)
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