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Dreams can be bad or good. Some can be motivational while some can just lower your confidence. Majority of the best legends this world has had did what they are famous for today by starting with a dream. Their dreams led to their success and timeless greatness.

Everyone dreams but they are very few who follow their dreams. Negative dreams should be learnt to be ignored. You don't need to worry about the bad dream you had, just remember to sleep with a positive mind and smile the next time. There are thousands who ruined their lives, pondering over their bad dreams.

A positive dreamer or a negative one. Who do you want to be? Ask yourself.

Dreams, especially the good and inspiring ones have a great impact on a person. It's a start of a new exciting life, a new goal to achieve. Every good dream is a new hope of a better life and if you work on your dream, you can bring it to life.

A dream was what led the protagonist of the book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist to go in search of his better future. His dream was what gave him hope that one day he would be rich. He could have ignored that positive dream of his and carried on with life as a shepherd but instead, he chose the path of his dreams. It was a hard long fight but when he did find what he was looking for, it gave him all the riches of life and the lesson that "sometimes what you are looking for everywhere in the world lies right underneath you. You just have to have those eyes to see." So dreams can have a shocking impact on a person.

I had a dream too. Well I have had like millions of dreams but there are some dreams which you know that you will surely achieve if you put in the right hard work, even though they look so impossible. It was the hardest stage of my life, with me breaking down both mentally and physically. I couldn't walk properly due to my leg injury and the chances were that I could never be able to walk properly again. But thanks to the the blessings of the amazing lord, one day when I fell asleep with tears still tickling my eyes, I saw it.

My life was back, stunning and awesome as ever and I had achieved the zenith. The world was my stage and I was all smiles with all the honors I was receiving for my work. I was a winner. My leg was perfectly fine and I had the most amazing nature ever. My eyes opened and I stared at the dark ceiling of my room, pondering over my dream. Yes. This can actually happen. Was my thought and from that day there was no stopping me!

Today I am person with one of the most positive nature's ever with the best of physical health. There's a lot more to achieve in life and the madness of following my dream is never going to end! :)

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  1. sometimes negative dreams really affect me badly... but I work around them and get them off my back :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. Great post dear.
    and yeah the alchemist is a suoerb book to gather some inspiration in random life


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