Impact Of My Best Friend On Me


Angels do exist ~ while your loved ones are the best examples of this fact, there is one person you will always want to include in this list of heavenly beings ~ Your best friend.

She is not perfect. Her beauty lies in her imperfections and the fact that she is always so full of life makes me want to stay in her company all the time. She is my best friend, and no less than an angel!

I have had three best friends in my life, each at a different stage. The one I am talking about is the one I met in my college days. The one I never knew would be so amazing and impactful that she would reserve a place in my heart.

I was broken. New college, new people... all strangers. There was this deep disappointment in me and that was when Tass came into my life.

She came like a thunderbolt,
But to heal and not destroy.

Like everyone, we had to part ways too,
She is like a memory, too stubborn to move.

I don't know where she is today,
But I do know that she will always remain in my heart.

Tass was amazing! She had the most infectious of smiles which could make mountains melt and the wittiest of nature, that was what I loved about her. It didn't take long for us to become partners in crime, a team no one could break and everyone in the college envied.
Let's skip to the part where she left a great impact on me. It was a an annual meeting and we were waiting for our parents to arrive. It was raining cats and dogs outside and I had never seen her so nervous. She was constantly biting her nails, a sign that she was very worried. I tried cracking some jokes but her weak smile told me something was wrong.

"Hey! What happened re? You look like shit. Stop biting your nails. Eww." I said putting her hand down for the tenth time. "Don't worry, our Accounts Sir is too kind to complain about your grades to your parents." I joked. 

My Mom arrived. I jumped happily and swayed my hand in the air calling her to our floor. I looked sideways and found my bestie just growing more worried. I felt sad for her, especially her fingers, I was so sure she was going to eat them if she didn't stop that annoying biting!

While my Mom was engaged in a conversation with a teacher, I put my hands on my bestie's shoulder and tuned her to face me. "Seriously, tell me what's wrong. Now!"

"My parents didn't come yet" was her reply. I would have laughed until my last breath for such a silly reason if not for her face which looked dead serious.

"Hey! Don't worry dearie! They'll be here" I tried to calm her. "Why are you so worried? It's just a silly meeting. Doesn't matter even if your parents don't turn up. We'll make an excuse.".

Just then her Mom arrived with her brother and I couldn't say who was more happy, me or her. It was so good to see her chirpy and peppy self back again. But something was killing me. When the meeting was over and we started heading back home, I finally asked her.

"Why did that matter so much to you?"

"My family is my world Bush. If I don't worry for them, who will? I don't want to give anyone else a chance too. I am their daughter, not others. Their happiness is my happiness, their sorrows my worries and their love my strength." and she left me stunned.

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