Impact Of A Stranger


There are hundreds of men and women we have met in our life from different races, countries and continents but the ones we still remember are the ones who made an impact.

"Millions who came and went,
Chosen few gems who had an impact.."

Every day is a new opportunity and every influential person we meet, a memory to be remembered and cherished. The biggest source of impact normally for people are their parents, loved ones or their teachers. The journey of inspiration and advice starts from a home and that's what motivates a person to have a goal in life at an early age.

But have you thought that a complete stranger can have an impact on you too? Not just any ordinary impact, but an impact so big and pure that your entire future has been inspired by it!

For me the source of inspiration and impact for my career was a total stranger, a man in his late 50s or so whom I bumped at a debate competition.

I still remember that significant day of my life which was a turning point for me. I was in my first year PUC as a commerce student and had represented my university in an inter-college Debate competition at the RV College of Commerce and Science. There were two chosen representatives from my university and I was one of them.

It was a demanding high level competition as the participants included toppers from the best schools of India. The topic was a current affairs related one on the limitations of Freedom Of Speech. I was chosen to speak against the topic and after a couple of sleepless, nervous nights and loads of writing, research and mugging up, I was finally standing affront an audience of 200 highly educated, students, teachers and judges from the best universities of India.


That's what happened with me for five excruciating seconds. I could see some people giving me murderous glares and some where kind enough to shake their heads disappointingly at me. I turned to my right nervously and met a twinkling pair of eyes and a genuine smile of a man encouraging me.


...and then I started. First with a greeting, a brief introduction, a summary and then it turned into a ferocious speech with me visibly screaming in the mike. There was no stopping me and I lost count of time, getting into the details and captivating my audience with my authoritative and argumentative voice.


After four minutes, or what seemed like four centuries to me, the stopper alarm at the judges desk finally ringed and the judge was kind enough to let me finish my sentence and run like a lightening back to my foreign desk.

I think I did well, very well but hey, life is mean! :P There were at least fifteen more students who performed more wonderfully and I sat there with a brooding look, watching a tall pretty girl walk away with the trophy.

I was packing my things with my friend, ready to leave when suddenly someone called my name. I turned to find the stranger who had smiled at me, in his 50s or so, giving me another kind smile. This man's build and way of speaking gave away that he was very wise and highly educated. He told me he was one of the judges of the contest and that I performed really very well.

My heart was doing a tequila dance with the joy of being praised by a judge when he smiled again and told me something which changed my life:

"Whatever you spoke on the stage, was it phrased and written by you? Amazing really. You have loads of potential kid, never give up on writing.." and he smiled again and left a paralyzed me there and went his way.

That simple sentence filled me with so much zest that I never gave up on writing and now I have turned my same passion for creative writing into my job.

Dear stranger, whatever your name is, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what an impact you have made on me!

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  1. Wonderful.....Winning is not that important, I always stress that fact to my son. That man did tell you the right thing to do. Congratulations to you for giving in your best. That is all that matters.


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