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Inspiration can be in many forms and the first thing that always pops up in my mind when the term ‘inspiring movie’ rolls out of somebody’s tongue is JAB WE MET ! Not all might call it the movie that has got the potential to inspire but for a bubbly girl like me it did ! Romantic with hints of comedy, this movie was an all time HIT during its release and hundreds of women actually felt related to the character portrayal of Geet in it !

Let me introduce Geet to you. She is a bubbly, peppy , lively and talkative (very) person who is weird most of the time, which makes her stand apart from all the other heroines and the story line is quite inspiring if looked upon from a filmy angle (or is that just me?) First of all there are a few movie characters that stay with us longer than ever. And the whole Jab We met story line, picturization, dialogues and characterization ensures we get our dose of beautiful, colorful, lovable dose of some good old romantic motivation.
The character ‘Geet’ is the soul of the movie ! Fun, chirpy, rule setting and lovable at the same time, Geet is one character I have adored for years ! I remember when the movie released and I ended up dressing Like Geet (aka Kareena Kapoor Khan) and laying down my own rules just like the character ! You might think of me as crazy but hey I am filmy and I love peppy and fun characters who own their life ! A woman who lives life to the fullest and believes that 'in life if you really want something truly , you go for it and get it', well THAT ! That is the thing about her character which inspires me the most !

Its not easy to smile through all your hard times, it requires will and daring, and Geet is that one woman who had it all! I watched the movie like 30 plus times and still watch it every time its aired on a channel on TV ! So much love ! I believe inspiration can be pulled out of many things and I din’t miss an opportunity to get inspired from Imtiaz Ali’s made up character ‘Geet’.
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She is the one who is not afraid of taking risks . She was something I associated myself with. Peppy, lively,chirpy, charming, full of life and with a vivacious personality who believes in staying true to oneself no matter what!

There’s nothing wrong in associating oneself with a fictitious character and mind you if Imtiaz ever wanted a replacement I would have fit the role perfectly (No kidding ;) as I too believe in the thought  ‘Live and let live! ...and while you live, live it to the fullest!'

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