Lesson Learnt From A City Bird


Lesson Learnt From A City Bird

The other week I was reading an article and came across an interesting transcript which stated that city noise was reshaping the bird song.. First of all the three most common city birds are the starling, sparrow and pigeon. With increasing population in India the number of vehicles and noise has gradually increased in cities and the birds might find it hard to communicate and sing in an atmosphere where there is noise everywhere ! But the article I read has an interesting twist to the birdy tale.. read on to know more of the impact city noise is having on birds and the impact these birds could have on human beings if only the mankind would observe and figure out the beautiful lessons and messages these birds have left us..

Impact city noise is having on bird songs.

It seems that the pigeons and sparrows have started to raise their voices to be heard over the sounds of the city.  These  birds changed their songs to these higher frequencies in order to be heard over the horrific noises made by cars, buses, and other sources in urban environments.
When faced with the problem of city noise drowning out their songs, the birds did not move off to another quite place where they could continue to sing at their usual frequencies. This got me thinking , the birds had an option to fly away to other places where they could carry on with their normal frequency songs but they preferred to stay back and adapt which in itself is a remarkable example of the ability of animals to adapt to certain changes in their habitat.
This changing of behavior of the birds in order to adapt and survive got me thinking about how our own behavior is similarly influenced by the environment that surrounds us.

Impact Of negative people in our lives

We choose our friends and our choice depends on how  happy and relaxed we feel around our friend circle. Our family and friends create a happy environment for us and thus we make sure we are surrounded by them but unfortunately we cannot be around positive people all the time. Be it your workplace or places you have to visit everyday , you might find yourself surrounded with people who tend to nurture negative feelings and have a negative impact on our lives. Its the reason why many of you have maniac Mondays and crib before you go to work everyday. 

Learning lessons from birds ~ Impact

I have seen hundreds of people crib about how bad its at their workplace or how badly they want to change their house for they cannot bear to stay around their Punjabi neighbors etc etc..I think too often people think they need to "escape" an inhospitable environment but when we get an insight on the adaption of these city birds we realize that adaptation is better for long-term survival!
nature is also on of our teachers. Even the silence in Nature, small sounds made by birds or animals - if we tune ourselves - can be quite inspiring.
Just like the city birds, we humans have the ability to decide how we’ll deal with negative impacts in our environment, even when we can’t simply shift to another one. One can easily recognize the fact that our own behaviors are influenced by the people and events that happen around us, we can better manage our mood and outlook. And as the birds have learned, we can learn how to rise above the noise in order to communicate something of value for the benefit of others. Its high time we put behind our grudges towards a particular place or a particular community and learn to adapt and live peacefully together as one.

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