Let Valentine's Day Have A Positive Impact On You: Break Up With The Bad


Did you know that the most number of breakups occur on February 14th, ie Valentine’s day ! It might seem cruel, but statistically, Feb 14th has some pretty high break-up rates. Is it just me or break up rates go high on Vday as its one holiday which gives all couples to pause and ponder at the state of their relationships!

Valentine day is a day set aside for people in love to celebrate their togetherness. It is a time when lovers share gifts, roses and romantic cards. I am surprised to see that this day is also a sad day when lovers say hello to tears, slammed doors and broken hearts.

Why not take a positive impact out from this World Break up Day and break up with bad things around us and not break people’s hearts? Lets see a few things you people can break free from this Vday !
  • Break up with grammatical mistakes.
  • Break up with friends who stick with you in good times & not the bad times!
  • Break up with too many speed-breakers on the road .
  • Break up with delayed & canceled flights!
  • Break up with dirty public toilets- can't stand them. Pledge to keep them clean!
  • Break up with using plastic, go eco-friendly !
  • Break up with random customer care calls (Yo telecom industries , you listening?)
  • Break up with sales assistants who are far too eager to help when we can very well shop alone! (I hate sneaky sales girls who act like you are there to pick pocket. Duh.)
  • Break up with stupid useless trainings at work . We know our work please!
  • Break up from fighting over religion! Yes, please! STOP.
  • Break up with breaking speed limits on an empty road .
  • Break up with shopping sites that charge shipping . (Seriously you must consider free shipping hokay? *free shipping sellers, hearts your way!*)
  • Break up from noisy relatives & neighbours who keep asking my salary and relationship status!
  • Break up with people who are more interested in knowing what I am working on than their own work .
  • Break up with nuclear disasters!
  • Break up with hypocrisy...need to walk the talk! With pettiness!
  • Break up with ego!
  • Break up with yawning in middle of a meeting at work .
  • Break up with having no time for myself...need me time!
  • Break up with serials that go on for years! (Even Saas and Bahus don't live that long!)
  • Break up with chipkoo people who like your picture on facebook and want you to like theirs in return. (Yo. Get yourself checked.)
  • Break up with those who copy  tweets or FB status without giving you due credit!
  • Break up with having too many passwords...its difficult to remember ! Ugh!
  • Break up from moral policing on Vday. (But no dutty business!)
  • Break up with people who drive cars like they own the road, driving in the center & not giving any other car the space.
  • Break up with people who only bad mouth other people.
  • Break up with not working in kitchen... need to learn more recipes !
  • Break up with the habit of popping a pill for the slightest of ailments.
  • Break up with chronic liars.
  • Break up with guys who keep using expletives while talking and girls who swear in every sentence.
  • Break up from eating chips & fries! Need to lose weight Crying face
  • Break up from mindless sequels of good movies.
  • Break up from guys who believe girls are bad at maths! They haven't met me *ehm* !
  • Break up from people who are more interested in length of my skirt than my brains.
  • Break up from make up that looks made up . Hate cakey make up.
  • Break up from strangers who poke & send friendship requests on facebook !
  • Break up from wasting time in office talking to colleagues!
  • Break up from brushing with tap on- got to save water . Save environment!
  • Break up buying too many books, will get myself a library membership card ! :D
  • Break up from missing deadlines- will file for my tax return on time .
  • Break up from office gossip- can only lead to trouble !
  • Break up from driving & tweeting- its injurious to me & the car ! Drive safe!
  • Break up from shopkeepers who give chocolate instead of change- responsible for weight gain by excessive intake of chocolates ^_^
  • Break up from giving bribes! Say no to curroption.
  • Break up from missing on workout!
  • BIG BREAK UP with people who send me Candy crush requests on Facebook. *death glare*

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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