Messi The Fantastico


Some people are born great while some work their way towards greatness. Lionel Messi, a self made Argentinian Footballer is a man who worked towards greatness and is renowned as one of the best players of the world today.

Every one knows him as a young zestful footballer but very few know that there's more to this Legend of a man than a teenager who started his career at the young age of 14.

Today, every other man is not happy with their regular job. I myself know a swarm of people who work daggers night and day without being happy about what they do. Lionel Messi is an inspiration for every such man. He is the perfect example of turning your passion into your paycheck.

Messi is someone who listened to his heart, a person who didn't fancy getting himself a daily boring job, instead, he worked on his strengths and is a Global star now!! Messi is famed to be the only player of football in history to win the FIFA Ballon d'Or five times, he won four of them consecutively. He has won titles every where he has gone, charming and winning hearts.

Lionel Messi had to deal with his own bucket of lemons which life threw at him and those lemons hit him very hard at a young age. But he was not from the land of those who gave up and lost hope. Lionel Messi was attacked with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of 13. Yes. The greatest player of the world today had to deal with a deficiency where he had to fight growth failure. Not having enough funds for his treatment for the deficiency was his toughest challenge. Seeing his skills, the FC Barcelona club of Spain agreed to pay for his treatment and that was when he began his unstoppable soccer journey in his new country.

Being born and brought up in a football-loving family, Messi's dream to be a National football player was born at an early age playing with his older brothers and cousins.

The phrase "beauty with brains" suits Messi perfectly and that's the reason he is so loved by people from all around the globe.

The title 'Fantastico' has been designed purely for this man of titles - Messi! Messi has taken the whole word with a wave of greatness and earned places in people's hearts because of his thrilling and impactful play.

Apart from his achievements in football, Messi has earned loads of titles from his fans, the best of which are "Messi the Magician", "The unstoppable" and "Leo the legend".

We need more men/women like him and the first step my friends is to follow your passion, the way Messi did! Everyone dreams but the one that turns his dreams into reality is the one who will be honored and remembered like the legend Messi!

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  1. I have never followed England soccer leagues but I have heard about him. He sure is marvelous!


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