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“Your best success comes after your greatest disappointment! – AR Rehman “
Every Indian out there is proud of this man, who hit success with his hard work and dedication ! He is an inspiration for millions and is seen upon as an icon all over India ! The icon I am talking about is none other than AR Rehman ! The one and only ! I am his BIGGEST FAN ! His music soothes my soul, if not for him we wouldn’t have songs like ‘dil hai chota sa’ , ‘barso re’, ‘Chaiyyan chaiyyan’ and ‘kehneko jashne bahara hai..’ !
After he won the Oscar the whole world swore by his fantastic music ! The man mixed different genres of music to come out with compositions that were not only soul warming, but also foot tapping. He gave Bollywood music a new meaning . Winner of several awards he has won a million hearts too!
AR Rehman is not just a composer but a singer-songwriter, music producer, musician and a philanthropist! Blessed with a distinct style of music he creates pieces which will be remembered for decades to come! Even his success story from rags to riches is a motivational one and has helped many reach their goals. Many famous musicians swear by his music !
Today the man has a huge fan following across the whole globe, a boy with a simple background with his talent, hard work, grit and determination has swept millions out there with his excellent work!
His top 15 personal favorites of mine are as follows:
1. Rangeela title track
2. Dil se Title Track
3.Rubaroo fro Rang De Basanti
4. Masakalli from Dilli 6
5.Sadda Haq from Rockstar
6. yeh haseen Wadiyan fro Roja
7.Dil hai Chota se from Roja
8. Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil se
9.Jai ho from Slumdog Millionaire
10.Kehna hi kya from Bombay
11. Barso re from Guru
12.O Mitwa from Lagaan
13. Maa Tujhe Salaam from album Vande Mataram
14.Maahi ve from highway
15.Lukha chuppi from Rand De Basanthi

Stardom never consumed him and till date he remains a man down to Earth unlike other celebrities ! His experiments in music has got earned him much fame and money in the music world . He still believes he has a long way to go in the world of music. the best thing is that he is now roped in by international filmmakers to compose music for their movies. he is the new star who sells music like hotcakes ! Its not just his music but his principles and attitude in life that sets the musician apart from the other celebs ! the man has taken criticism in a positive way and his success story has inspired me since I was a child !

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