My Fantastico Escape Into The Fantasy Land Of Magic


"I wish one day while walking in the woods,
I trip and fall in a tunnel of magical goods... 

The tunnel would lead me to a land more better,
A little elf with long ears would hand me a letter,

"Welcome to the 'Harry Potter land' Dobby would say,
Happily clutching my letter to Hogwarts I would sway..."

I am a Potter head, born with the craziest desires, one of which is being able to do magic. Magic is something which has fascinated me all my life, right from the day when I was a little girl and watched the movie 'Harry Potter and The Philosopher's stone". 

The world of magic fascinates me and my set of magical fantasy books are keys to my escape into a magical world every time I am feeling low or just fed up of the real world. 

Life as a kid was so carefree and amazing, no worries, no stress, just eat sleep and repeat. Growing up came with a lot of challenges but hey! I am not complaining. It's just that life grows too torturous at times and there's this absurd feeling of running away from everything. That's when I find solace in prayers and of course the magical world!

Every time life throws too many lemons at me, I just close my eyes, take a deep breath and escape into my fantastico fantasy land. My imagination is quite wild so it's not always only the Harry Potter land or the Pirates of Caribbean land... It's a wonderful combination of Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the rings and so on, all together making for a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience. 

I often wonder how splendid it would have been if these amazing worlds from the novels and movies really existed. Especially the magical world of Harry Potter. Who knows, maybe they do exist...
When I am extremely angry at somebody, I imagine myself as Hermione Granger punching the subject of my anger on his/her face. This really makes me smile and cheers me up instantly. :D

When I am sad, I imagine myself being Hermione and dancing with Harry Potter, it's just that instead of Harry Potter, it's my wonderful two year old nephew accompanying me. This works too. ;)

I love taking small enjoyable strolls to my imaginary fantasy land which is simply fantastico. This actually improves my creative skills too and by the time I am back to reality, I am all smiles and optimism! :)

Has this ever happened to you? Whenever I am in a new place with wardrobes, I sneakily prod the wall of the wardrobe to see if there's really an opening which will lead me to the Narnia land. Also, whenever I pick up a piece of twig I use it like a wand muttering weird things like 'khulja sim sim' and what not. Crazy I know! :P

This other day my nephew threw away my phone from the first floor to have fun. I ran to it with bated breath, stopped a few feet away, pointed the pen I was holding to it and muttered the "Reparo" spell before picking it up. Guess what... the screen was intact. :O

You can call it the power of a corning Gorilla glass but hey! I would like to believe that it was a sign of me being eligible for Hogwarts! *winks*
man harry potter alan rickman nice bravo

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