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The unlimited variety of things the almighty has made available for us will leaves one speechless. Nature is beauty in it's best form and it has to power to amaze you again and again.

One of the most amazing gifts of nature are the waters. Be it a sea, a lake or even a simple pond, there's something in those ripples that gets straight to your heart and leaves a positive impact.

I was fortunate to be born and brought up by a lake side in one of the best cities of the world ~ Bangalore. Bangalore is a dream place, the one which you will get so connected to that you won't want to live anywhere else in the world. The fact that it is going to the gutters now with unbelievable rise in traffic and pollution doesn't stop me from loving the city.

Waking up to the chirps of birds interrupted by the horns of vehicles has become a routine now. 

After like five years, I visited this lake side park again. This lake holds a lot of memories for me as this was where I spent half of my life playing with friends, staring at waters, catching fish *ehm yeah*, and boating! The reason I stopped going to visit it after I grew up was that this park turned into a 'love adda' with all sorts of couples sitting in strange positions in every nook and corner of the park. It had turned into more of a 'lover's paradise' than a family thing and of course.. as soon as this transformation took place, it was banned by our parents for us. :D

Thankfully, the lovers are getting modern these days with the advent of gadgets, the strolls of nature are not exciting them much so this park is not so love-infected now. It also went through a good transformation over the past years to be safe to visit it with your family.
I love boating! :D Only if every time I went boating, my legs didn't get injuries, I would do it all day! The boating rates are sky high now. The waters are lovely so it's worth it. We booked two boats each with three seaters while our Moms and aunties stayed behind chattering on the beautiful green grass of the park. 

We had a boat race and that was the best part of the trip. I collected several sea shells which were afloat the lake. My brother was doing all sorts of stunts and clicking selfies. *eye roll* He even left me alone to handle the gears and went on the steep front of the boat to click a selfie. I had had enough and that was when I kicked him. Lol
The waters were simply mesmerizing. We navigated deep into the lake, crossed the small island and even crossed the red flag. Red flags indicate danger points, anyone crossing them won't be the responsibility of the park. Yeah.. you are thinking right. this was my brother's idea.
It was too fun and by the time we headed back ashore, my legs were all wobbly and my entire body was screaming to get back home.

I have the sea shells I collected even now. They'll remind me of the wonderful day spent navigating the lake every time I look at them. :)

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