One Last Buy: What Would You Buy Before You Die?


one last buy
We all want the world in our kitties but time’s running out and with every passing second we are losing time ! Not be reminded ‘Time and tide wait for none’ .. We all want to live a life where at the end we have zero regrets! Fulfill every dream of ours and do every thing we ever wanted to do ! You know I am a hardcore shopaholic and when it occurred to me what if I died and all those things I wanted to buy remained unnamed? The next thing I knew was penning all the fantastico things I wanted to buy before death knocked my doorstep ! 

What could be the things you would wind up buying for if given a chance to buy? It could be anything, letting my imaginations run wild I want to take even the thought of death on a positive note and hence keep thinking of all the great things I wish i could buy before I die ;)

These can easily be concluded as my fabulous list of all the fantastico things I would want to buy before I sleep peacefully in my grave!

1. Buy Excuses to go for shopping.
I love love LOVE shopping. There’s a sale, let’s shop. Back in stock , let’s shop, cashback? let’s shop. New coupon code, let’s shop. Oooh that great dress, shop shop shop! Eeee :D Hence one last thing I would like to buy would be all the excuses to shop my heart out!

2.  Buy All high low hemline dresses:
YES ! I love this trend ! LOVEEEE! dresses in this trend from amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shoppers Stop, Limeroad, Be mineeee!

3. Buy A cruise. To experience Tsunami of Love.
We all want true love in life but I want to experience a happy version of titanic !

4.Buy Make up jo na lage Made up :P
I love make up ! Oh yes I do ! Beauty addict through and through hence I am always on a lookout for make up products which do not look fake ;)

5.Buy Google :P
Umm well okay i wanted to be a CEO of some huge company what better tha Google, or maybe twitter . STOP ! Lets stop dreaming!

6. Buy Luck.
Lady luck hardly seems to notice me, so maybe I would want to buy luck this time.

7.Buy All the books available online:
I am bibliophile ! And my love for books is infinite. I actually bought a kindle and then shifted back to old classic way of reading paper bound books because the asli maza of reading a book is when its in a book form, is when I can feel it ! I can never have enough books. When in college , during my free time you would find me in a corner of a library hence BOOKS !

8.Buy Best of the gadgets available till date.
Being the gadget lover I am , I want all the latest gadgets launched in the market ! Tech woman haan ;)

9.Buy gifts and happiness to all orphan kids:
Yes, I am good at heart. Not selfish , I would want to buy happiness to all those kids who don’t have have a guardian to look over them.

10. Buy At least 100 pairs of beautiful shoes. Yes.
My blog name says it all ! Shoes are one thing I can’t have enough off ! I can keep buying the and magically space seems to be available for all of em at my home !

11.Buy A licensed Revolver. Yes. Pepper sprays are outdated.
With so many crimes happening I want feel safe ! I want to feel freedom without being afraid !

12. Buy a Magical wand:
Magic. Hogwarts. Wands. Yes Please. A magical wand is one thing that has been my favorite thing from my fav series harry potter ! i would like to have a magic wand of my own!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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