She Is A Superwoman: Her Red Dupatta Is Her Cape


We women are out to conquer the world each day even in our moments of mental and physical weakness and fatigue! We can be strong as a man and gentle as a baby at the same time! You can have a million movies with superheroes but the REAL superhero is a WOMAN! Each and every woman who bravely takes on the balancing act that is life while holding down multiple fronts. A woman who overrules all the difficulties while playing multiple roles of a mother, daughter , wife or a sister !
There is no doubt that a woman is blessed with the ability to persevere, be resourceful, and overcome great obstacles .A woman is one of her own kind where she could
  • Smile carrying pain inside (Agree?)
  • Cook up tastiest food carrying her child along into the kitchen
  • Pursue her career and also balance her family
Woman have the ability to malti task and are the true superheroes . Even though the world doesn’t associate the superhero figure with a woman , she is the true bearer of this title. The Superwoman syndrome runs in a woman’s blood .
A woman undergoes a lot of metamorphosis through out her life..
As a new born baby she buds and spreads smiles
As a young little girl she undergoes a lot of turmoil to get molded
As a woman she is always seen running in her heels to serve the society and family
As a wife she take cares of a grown up child & fulfills the needs of her husband
As a mother she designs and molds the next generation
To sum up a woman is a superwoman!
Fighting against the society for her rights, emerging back strong after a brutal crime or reflecting back stronger after domestic violence she does everything with . They posses superpowers, which are extraordinary ! A woman sacrifices herself so she can shape up the next generation!  The key thing that acts as a superpower is her endless love. 
Women also  have great understanding and adjusting mentality also behind every successful man is a woman , remember?

All these Marvel movies boasting of superheroes with capes and awesome superpowers, here’s a poem for you’ll:
Kya cheez hai yeh super man...
Kya cheez hai yeh spider man...
Na toh pehla udd pata...
Na dusra deewaron pe chipak pata...
Aee badbakht na Maa na hoti...
Toh yahan aa he na paata..
All the great feats and daily acts of heroism performed by women throughout the world  remain unidentified , unacknowledged and not praised.
Your mom your sister your wife... everybody is a superhero in their own way! She is the one who impacts our lives and shapes us so we can do great things in future !

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